Fancy Wedge Heels, Take Two

Manolo says, the Manolo has bungled the answer to the question about the fancy wedge shoes for the outdoor party.

But, the internet friends of the Manolo proved ready and able to gently correct the Manolo’s error by providing the much better solutions to the problem.

The Manolo’s friend Vizia suggests the following.

Also–Pour La Victoire Evening/Bridal has dressy wedges. I’ve never bought or worn any, but my niece is considering the brand for her wedding, ie….

Pour La Victoire Cordelia Wedge

This is the marvelous alternative!

In the second comment the Manolo’s friend Laura friend further develops the theme with more of the good suggestions.

I was just about to post the Pour La Victoire shoes! There are also these and these The Kate Spade shoes are pretty, but I’d be concerned that the stiletto-diameter heel tip would go around making potholes. All of the PLVs appear to have a slightly thicker wedge while still remaining very elegant and cocktail/evening appropriate.

Though, if I were the LW, I’d take a cue from the baseball-stadium venue that the “cocktail/evening” dress code was a bit looser than usual. A pair of fun dressy-but-not-evening wedges would likely be appropriate, and could still fulfill the “sleek-and-sexy” requirement: these, these, or these (or, if she’s daring and has the right proportions for the look, an elegant ‘shootie’ like this could work with a cocktail dress.)

Pour La Victoire Wedding and Evening Diva Wedge

This is the Pour La Victoire Diva which the Laura mentioned in her comment and which the Manolo thinks is far superior to what he had suggested.

The readers of the Manolo, they are indeed most super fantastic!