The Manolo Week in Review

Manolo says, here is the best of the week from the Manolosphere.

From Manolo for the Men

Does this constitute news? Guys looking for a roll in the hay valuing wiggle more than wink?


From Manolo for the Brides

No matter where you turn, someone is making fun of something that somewhere, a bride-to-be is probably thinking of doing. And since we’re all doing everything on the Internet, there’s a pretty good chance that said bride-to-be will encounter someone putting her ideas down.


From Manolo for the Big Girl

Not that I haven’t had my share of serious struggles, and yes, at a certain point I willed myself into becoming Full Time Fabulous –an effort which takes continual work– but let’s not kid ourselves: It’s a lot easier to crank the fabulosity up to 11 when you’re already rocking a baseline 10.


From Teeny Manolo

Forget your teen journal, where you scribbled away late at night before bedtime. Some of the worst writing ever is to be found in children’s books.


From Manolo’s Food Blog

Congratulations and commiserations to the people of New York State, who now have this gibbering 70′s throwback as their common-law First Lady.


From Manolo for the Home

Sure, we talked a lot about redoing the upstairs ourselves, but when we started reading about drywall lift rentals, our zest for DIYing the second floor went right out the window.


From Crafty Manolo

Sure, the Lady of Shallot up there is half sick of shadows, and apparently her tapestry work. I feel her. I do. I’ve tried crafts that didn’t float my boat at all. Me and embroidery? Not a happy match. I can’t make a French knot. It’s embarrassing. Knitting and crochet are closer for me, but I’m not good at keeping the right tension in the yarn.


From Manolo for the Beauty

I happen to sort of like the silver hair, which is shiny and pretty, but I’ll be damned if someone at the playground is going to think I am my daughter’s grandmother. Because, you know, there is no way someone with gray hair could possibly procreate, right?


From Ayyyy!

Who’s that girl?