Eumachia from Abel Muñoz for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk doing that thing that you do for that company where you do it, and you are horrified to learn that Christmas has already arrived in the commercial portions of this nation.

You know this, because yesterday, when you went to the Kohls to purchase the dinner set for your niece — the one who married the feckless “artist” (ha!) and as the consequence must live in benighted squalor in the airy loft downtown, near the coffee shops and cultural venues — not only was your favorite discount department store covered in the Xmasy decorations, but was also blasting “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” at the highest imaginable volume at its semi-captive shoppers.

Naturally, you recoiled from such forced celebratory displays. The Most Wonderful Time of The Year is still at the least three weeks away, and you will have no truck with the attempt to subvert the natural progression of the holiday seasons, which requires that Thanksgiving, the mostly non-commercial holiday (if one does not count the sales of Indian corn and cranberry sauce), should be given its rightful due in the public spaces.

You would have, right then, turned around and left, except you had this coupon for twenty dollars off, and there was the sale going on, which meant that the dinnerware would cost less than half of the usual price, which is the bargain by any measure. And so you endured the assault upon your sense of order and propriety and purchased the dinner set, thus reinforcing this uncitizenly corporate behavior.

Oh yes, you just went there! Businesses which promote Christmas before Thanksgiving are breaking the social contract.

You may be certain that things will be very different when you are declared the Empress of the Universe.

In the meantime, why not look at some fun shoes from the talented young designer.

Eumachia by Abel Muñoz

Here is the Eumachia from the Spring-Summer 2011 collection of Abel Muñoz the Toronto-based shoe-designer. It is the beautiful ankle bootie that makes the Manolo smile with pleasure.