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The Lizard People Have Won

Manolo asks, when viewing this cover of the aptly-named V magazine, did no one else think of the previous, televised incarnation of V

Clearly, what is needed here is some Rowdy Roddy Piper

…in which the unnaturally beautiful womens, turned out to be…

…the malevolent lizard peoples?

P.S. “That means, of course, that Ted Turner is really a monster from outer space.”

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…


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Strangely, the Manolo has yet to read any of the books of the Harry Potter corpus. It is not because the Manolo is opposed in any fashion to fantasy and the worlds of make-believe, for indeed, clearly the Manolo spends much of his time in such places.

No, it is because the friends of the Manolo have built these books up so high, heaped upon them so much praise, that the Manolo is now afraid to read them, for fear that he will be disappointed.

Meanwhile, the Manolo has decided to dip his toe into the delightfully morbid world of Lemony Snicket. Who knew such joy was to be found in the suffering of innocents!

And speaking of finding pleasure in the fantastical predicaments…how can one resist the ridiculous premises, the flimsy pretexts and the beautiful waltzes of Strauss the Junior’s Die Fledermaus?


Prada Suede Platform Sandals for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are frankly stressing out over the impending Thanksgiving-o-pocalypse which is now barreling toward you like the runaway trainload of the free-range heirloom turkeys.

Normally, Thanksgiving does not cause such excessive stress, but then, normally, you do the Thanksgiving at your home. Normally, you do not agree to get on the plane and travel to your in-laws on the other side of the country for the long weekend of family togetherness.

Of the course, you are not worried about the weekend, as it will undoubtedly be pleasant enough, filled with turkey, football, and the ordinary frictions of family visits.

No, what is worrying you is the strong potential for disaster as you pass through the security checkpoint at the airport, because your husband Gary, the normally level-headed person, has vowed that his junk shall go untouched.

“You’ve been listening to talk radio again, haven’t you?”

“Only Michael Savage,” he answers, the strange glint in his eye, “but I heard Amy Goodman say the same things this morning on Pacifica Radio.”

“You were listening to Pacifica Radio?”

“Fight the power, honey,” he says, as he gives you the clenched fist salute, whether ironically or not, you cannot tell.

And so now you are worried that your man will do something stupid at the TSA checkpoint, like making the offensive wisecracking about amateur proctology or not getting the romantic dinner before going to third base with the screener.

Worse, last night you woke up in the sweat picturing the airport crowds cheering as your husband is led away in handcuffs, wearing nothing but his underclothing, shouting loudly about the “intrusive fingers of the federal government”.

So this morning at breakfast, you confronted him over the cornflakes.

“Gary, promise me you won’t act up at the airport on Wednesday.”

“What do you mean by ‘act-up’?”

This evasiveness is not the good sign. What you need now are shoes…

Prada Suede Platform Sandals

Look! Elegant suede platform sandals from Prada!

Not even the knowledge that your husband might be intent on becoming the folk hero of resistance can reduce the sublime beauty of such shoes.


The Manolo Week in Review

Manolo says, here is the best of the week from the Manolosphere.

From Manolo for the Home

In addition to being an obsessive reader, I’m also an obsessive book hoarder. As in, I have hundreds of books I will probably never read again, but I can’t bring myself to give them away or sell them or recycle them.


From Manolo for the Big Girl

There are few things I love more than a good potluck, because a good potluck is a blood sport in the South, and your covered-dish event can’t be considered a true success until someone cries, with extra points if someone gets tomato aspic –with homemade mayonnaise, of course– tossed at their head in a fit of pique.


From Crafty Manolo

It’s part graffiti, part Monty Python’s Hell’s Grannies, and all whimsical fun. What is it?


From Manolo Jewelry

Having one or two special, sparkly, lovely pieces stashed away for emergency events can make the difference between feeling confident and feeling invisible.


From Manolo for the Beauty

I would never have thought that someone as fair-skinned as she is could get away with wearing white and not look washed out, but she doesn’t look that way in the least.


From Manolo for the Brides

November 10 was a big day for fantasy writer Neil Gaiman.


From Manolo for the Men

“How good is your eye for famous men?”


From Manolo’s Food Blog

Then Andy would go off to Chock Full O’ Nuts and order a cream cheese and nut sandwich on date-nut bread just like he always did, and which is, if you think about it, quite respectable and delicious as long as you steer clear of cheap Chinese walnuts.


From Teeny Manolo

I liked this book so much that I bought it twice.


From Green Manolo

Advertised as a green option, reusable shopping bags can be a good alternative to paper or plastic, provided that you actually remember to bring them into the store every time you shop.


From Ayyyy!

Elsewhere on the red carpet we spy the increasingly dessicated Clémence Poésy, shown here wearing a lovely black lace gown accented with Jane Fonda’s old neck…


Russell Crowe: The Sexiest Man Alive!

No longer wishes to conform to your antiquated notions of masculine beauty.

Manolo says, Ayyyyy! He looks as if he has eaten Gerard Depardieu!

Friday Web Snob

Manolo says, here are the few links from the Manolo’s Web Snob friends.

Stiletto Jungle goes beyond basic black with the new work-appropriate Jimmy Choo Cosmic Printed Pump.

Allie is Wired covers the very pregnant Miranda Kerr covering Vogue Australia.

BagBliss chats with Kooba’s Abbe Held! jennifer_ebe…

The whole Prada bag at Bag Snob just works together magically.

Smoky, Sultry and Smoldering with Bobbi Brown at Beauty Snob.

Coquette picks her favorite limited edition makeup palettes that have arrived just in time for the holidays.

Fashion Pulse Daily guides you to the best picks from the LANVIN for H&M Collection

The Jet Set Girls wonder if you’ve got what it takes to be one of MAC’s Fall 2011 models!

KRISTOPHER DUKES is wanting Tony Burch Leopard Silk Robe.

Oprah’s Favorite Things show airs today – SHEfinds provides a refresher course of her past favorites and will have the scoop later today with this year’s must-have gifts.

Second City Style thinks since it’s almost holiday time, it’s time to discuss dressing up the LBD.

Shopping and Info loves Angelina Jolie’s black Prada riding boots she has been wearing in Budapest.

The Beauty Stop takes a close look at LipFusion Plump & Replump Lipstick.

The Shoe Goddess needs these Christian Louboutin “Maggie” Pumps for those days when she wants to show off her inner diva!

V-Style: Personal stylist, Vanessa Valiente, let’s you in on the best slacks for your professional looks.


Manolo the Columnist: Marli Too from Kate Spade

Manolo say, here is the Manolo latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

My in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving, and my problem is that my mother-in-law is always making these remarks about how I don’t dress up enough. My husband is an only child, so I don’t think she really understands what it’s like to raise three young boys. However, I’m going to make the effort. Can you suggest something that will make me look super fantastic while I’m basting a turkey?


Manolo says, while the Manolo deplores the in-laws who get all up in one’s business with the catty comments, the Manolo also deplores how the most important of our family ceremonies are now merely one more opportunity to loosen the drawstrings on the pants of sweat.

And so, the Manolo must applaud his friend’s decision to dress up, even if she is doing so only to please the sharp-tongued person who should be locked out on to the back patio like the misbehaving family dog.

But, we are civilized peoples of good breeding and common sense, and so we cannot force this woman to stand in the snow, her nose pressed against the sliding glass door, watching her family eat turkey. In the stead, we must turn the other cheek, and tolerate the barbs as best we can, because it is better when we show the generous spirit to those we love, even when they are not generous with us. For remember, one day, in the not too distant future, your own daughters-in-law will wish to banish you to the patio.

Here is the Marli Too from Kate Spade New York the remarkably comfortable wedge heeled shoe favored, according to the New York Times, by the lady politicians, and who knows better how to smile politely while being insulted than the lady politicians?
Marli Too Wedge from Kate Spade


The New Blogs of the Manolo

Manolo says, the Manolo politely reminds you that this month, the Manolosphere has grown by four blogs, and that there is much entertainment and information to be had at these new sites…

Manolo Jewelry

Manolo for the Beauty

Crafty Manolo

Green Manolo


True Nobility

Watch out Camilla! Charles is giving Edna the eye.

Manolo says, Dame Edna graciously meeting with some of her subjects.

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Gloria Swansons Shoes
Manolo answers, it is the Gloria Swanson!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend the Rondi who was the first to correctly identify this week’s personage of note.

P.S. The Manolo has linked to this in the past, but it remains worth the time: our friend JeniferSF uses shoes to explicate the Gloria Swanson movie, Why Change Wives.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?

What the Manolo is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…


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The Manolo, who last evening engaged in the spirited round of Twittering with his internet friends about the topic of My Fair Lady, has gone back and reviewed the evidence. In doing so, he has reached the twin conclusions:
My Fair Lady
Conclusion the First: Eliza Doolittle is the prostitute.

This is the unspoken subtext of both the Broadway play and the movie, one, which acknowledged, even in passing, gives more depth and richness to the story.

What is the Manolo’s evidence for this seemingly heterodox idea? The vending of fruits or flowers in Covent Gardens was long considered the pretextual occupation of the prostitutes. The most famous of such ladies of ill repute was Nell Gwyn, the mistress of Charles II, who began her career as the Covent Garden seller of oranges.

There is other evidence, not the least of which is that the father of Eliza, Alfie Doolittle, attempts to sell his daughter to Professor Higgins for the few pounds, with the little bit of luck…

And there is much more, if only one looks.

The acknowledgment of Eliza Doolittle’s scarlet past deepens and explains her reluctance to return the love of Freddy. It is not her low birth which makes for the problematic match, for indeed, low birth can be ignored if love is true.

It is that Eliza herself knows that she cannot be with Freddy, ever, for that even if she were to love him in return, her previous occupation renders her untouchable. (Only the kings, such as Charles II, have the power to render this stain socially nugatory.) If Eliza loves Freddy, she must protect him from her past by rejecting him. There is no other way.

Conclusion the Second: Audrey Hepburn is most horribly miscast as the Eliza Doolittle.