Alexeander McQueen Floral Engraved Boots of Great Cost

Alexander McQueen Floral Engraved Leather Boots

Manolo says, these Alexander McQueen boots, they leave the Manolo…meh…not so excited.

What is the price? Ayyyyyyyy! The are made of pure unobtanium!


Oscar de la Renta Lace Ankle Booties For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk working in the coal mine, going down, down, down. Working in a coal mine, whop! About to slip, doooown.

Or, at the least, that is how you feel, like the put-upon working person in the catchy song, although, now that you think about it, it is this song which perhaps best expresses your current mood…

Strangely, watching that video (while you are on the company time) cheers you up because it was introduced by Dinah Shore, who was the sort of Oprah before there was such the thing as Oprah, but without the mawkish hand-wringing and the clubbing of books.

And then you remember that your mother loved Dinah Shore because was the great singer and the sympathetic and entertaining conversationalist, plus she dated the Burt Reynolds who was 20 years her junior, back when Burt was still regarded as the serious actor and the hairy-chested hottie, before he became the punch line to many jokes. Burt and Dinah, they were like Demi and Ashton, if you imagined those people as intelligent and talented and not annoying.

And then you are wondering, why is there no room in our culture for such peoples as Dinah Shore, graceful, charming, relaxed, sexy peoples?

In the stead, we have nothing but grasping, annoying, conceited peoples, shoving themselves into our faces, and importuning us with their bothersome antics.

Look! Shoes!

Oscar de la Renta Lace Ankle Booties

Lace Ankle Booties from Oscar de la Renta, exactly the sort of shoes Dinah would wear with her long velvet ball gowns, were she still around.


The Manolo Week in Review

Manolo says, here is the best of the week from the Manolosphere.

From Ayyyy!

It’s made of vintage Sari materials, primarily silk of course, but also including gold threads. And while on the one hand, lovely fabrics, nice idea, unfortunately, none of these strapless, bubble-skirted 80′s throwbacks have anything like the authentic allure of a real sari…


From Crafty Manolo

I love the flowing lines typically seen, the texture with the slightly raised bits, the long history of the technique. If I were any good at embroidery, this would be the one I think I would do most.


From Green Manolo

If you’re not sure where your eco threshold is, imagine how green you’d have to before your joie de vivre would all but disappear in the face of your ever-expanding environmental consciousness.


From Manolo Jewelry

Now I’m not saying that one of my sister’s friends stole my beloved, cherished daughter’ s pride ring. And I’m not saying that I took umbrage at being accused of just misplacing it, when I KNOW I had done no such thing. And I’m ALSO not saying that I’m still bitter about it, twenty-three years later.


From Manolo for the Beauty

On all of those men, though, it seemed like the makeup was a definite affectation, a persona.


From Manolo for the Big Girl

It’s Tuesday, the sky is blue, the Scotch is plentiful and all is right in the world so it’s time to find out What Miss Plumcake is…


From Manolo’s Food Blog

This is weirdly brilliant, in the way turducken is weirdly brilliant.


From Manolo for the Brides

With all of the other things the poor bride-to-be has to think about while walking around on her wedding day – stand up straight! smile! where’s your train?! is your bodice slipping?! bra sweat!! MINTS!!! – why add one more worry for her to stress over?


From Manolo for the Men

…one woman who had both figure and face – and a sultry sound.


From Teeny Manolo

He was much too young for all of the extremely awesome book release parties that occurred for almost the entire series, and he should get to experience at least some of the hysteria that comes with an important pop culture moment, don’t you think?



Manolo Social Media

Manolo says, the Manolo politely reminds you that he also maintains the presence on the various social medias, and that he would be most honored if you would consider making him your special Facebook friend and follow his aphoristic musings on the Twitter.

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Nooooooo!!!!! “Crocs Comeback in the Making”

Manolo says, it lives!

The footwear company based in Niwot, Colo., is fighting its way back since being declared “dead” in press reports last year.

After enjoying great success as its shoes flew off shelves and investors snapped up its stock—the company raised more than $200 million in its 2006 stock offering—Crocs stumbled during the recession. Consumers and investors considered the clog—and the company’s stock—a fad that had faded.

Now, Crocs is trying to fashion a comeback. It’s rolling out new, higher-priced shoes that include flip-flops and high heels. Those styles are highlighted in ads. Its traditional clog? It has been turned into an advertising character—two of them, actually—who give foot massages.

It is like the horror movie. Just when you think the monster is dead, there it is, scrabbling at your throat with it’s horny hands.

This week I caught up with Ken Chaplin, vice president of global marketing for Crocs. He was eager to show off its new shoes and boots but he seemed careful to avoid the word “clog.” Instead, he referred to it as “that iconic shoe.”

That Which Must Not Be Named!

Q: You’re still best known for your quirky clog with holes even though you’re also selling boots, high heels and flip-flops. How do you take a brand associated with clogs and stretch it to include many different types of footwear?

Chaplin: We are looked at as a brand but also as an item—a very iconic item in that shoe you mentioned and one that has brand awareness in the United States of over 95%. Our idea was to use that to our advantage. Working with our agency Cramer-Krasselt we came up with this idea on how to bridge the past, that iconic shoe, with the future. With over 250 styles, our best opportunity was to let them know the comfort from our iconic shoe can be found in everything we do.

Allow the Manolo to translate: “Yes, That Which Must Not Be Named nearly destroyed civilization, but look, over there, candy!”

Q. I talk to a lot of folks about how they manage their reputations online but few companies like yours have critics who’ve set up Web sites and Facebook sites against their products. There are 8,000 members of the “I Hate Crocs” Facebook page. Why do some people feel so hostile toward this brand and what do you do about them?

Chaplin: I haven’t seen a lot of new activity on those sites for a while. We have such a great opportunity in the US with people who are open to Crocs. We’re using our efforts to talk to them.

Q. Crocs has been in danger of going the way of many other fads. Is it possible Crocs will show that a fad can have staying power?

Chaplin: We don’t use the ‘F’ word.

You may be certain that the Manolo has already used the ‘F’ word.


Yet More Boots for the D.C.

Manolo says, in this morning’s column for the Express of the Washington Post, the Manolo must admit that he felt constrained by the restrictions imposed by his internet friend.

Yes, the Jenny by La Canadienne is the marvelous everyday boot for the months of poor weather, and it certainly fits the requirements of the question, but it is, to the mind of the Manolo, perhaps too plain to be truly and absolutely super fantastic. Therefore, please allow the Manolo to make the few additional recommendations…

Cookie from Aquatalia by Marvin K.

Here is the Cookie from Aquatalia by Marvin K., the suitable weatherproof alternative to the La Canadienne boots.

However, for those who wish to violate their self-imposed fashion austerity with the little bit of designer bling…

Donovan Boot from Tory Burch

The Donovan Logo Boot by Tory Burch.

Of the course, if our besotted suitor wishes to be the super fantastic super hero in the heart of his beloved, he will completely ignore her demurrals and offer to her these…

Miss Tack Botta 85 Tall Boot by Christian Louboutin

The Miss Tack Botta 85 Tall Boot by Christian Louboutin.


Manolo the Columnist: Jenny by La Canadienne

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I love my girlfriend. She is beautiful. Clothes are beautiful because she wears them. And she needs new boots. Hers are all scuffed up beyond what a polish can do. The heel is crumbling.

The problem is that she has very, very particular taste. She wants them to be black, knee high, square toed and with a rectangular/square heel that is no more than 3.5 inches. Here are the difficult restrictions: a) No wedge heels. b) No buckles. c) Nothing with brass or gold, but silver is okay. d) Side zippers are preferable.

Can you help me buy her something for autumn and winter?


Manolo says, while the Manolo appreciates the sentiments which would inspire one to purchase the feetwear for the beloved beauty, he must, as always, caution his friends that proper shoe fitting is exceedingly difficult without the presence of the feets in question, the fact which makes the giving of the shoes as gifts problematic.

Of the course, if one purchases from the establishment with the generous return policy, then such concerns are not prohibitive, and happily, it appears that the Manolo’s friend has carefully studied the tastes and feets of his beloved, and knows what she likes and needs, which is the sensible boot for wearing everyday.

Here is the Jenny from La Canadienne, the simple, strikingly unadorned boots which have the advantage of being weather proof.

Jenny from La Canadienne


Sharon Stone, Swath of Destruction


Manolo says, stunned victim and smug survivor


Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Leighton Meester Shoes

Manolo answers, it is the Leighton Meester!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend, the Victor, who was the first to correctly identify this week’s gossipy personage of note.

Green Manolo

Manolo says, please allow the Manolo to introduce to you the newest addition to the Manolosphere, Green Manolo.

Edited by our good friend Christa Terry (a.k.a Never teh Bride) of the Manolo for the Brides and the Manolo for the Home, the Green Manolo is the blog all about the super fantastic sustainable lifestyle!

And now, you must go visit the Green Manolo

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?