Manolo the Columnist: Interlaken from Hunter

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column fo the Express of the Washington Post.

Dearest Manolo,

I would like to get a pair of rain shoes/boots. I live in Florida, with frequent trips to NYC and the lake region in Italy, so they need to be stylish. I would also be doing a lot of walking, so comfort is important, but second to style.



Manolo says, the Manolo’s friend is regularly traveling to the New York City and the Italian Lake Region, home of the Lake Como? If she had also said that she spent much time in the Hollywood, the Manolo would certainly have thought that she was dating George Clooney.

But then, if she WERE dating the George Clooney, the Manolo’s friend would not be needing the rain boots, because no matter where she was it would be sunny.

Sadly, there is only one George Clooney, and it is unlikely that you will be “hooking up” with him anytime soon, given that you are probably not the statuesque, 24-year-old ex-bartender/lingerie model/club hostess/aspiring actress with the dubious background ( the Manolo apologizes to you, if you are.)

And because George Clooney is not your real boyfriend, only your secret, pretend boyfriend you WILL be needing the rain boots because it is probably raining where you are, hard.

Here is the Interlaken from Hunter, the wedge-heeled rain boot that will help forget about George Clooney and move on with your new secret boyfriend, Christian Bale

Interlaken Boots from Hunter