Google, Google, Why Hast Thou Forsaken the Manolo?

Manolo says, please excuse the Manolo while he complains about something that has been bothering him for the many months now: the peculiar search results returned by the Google search engine, which has seemed to take the inexplicable disliking to the blog of the Manolo.

To illustrate this problem, the Manolo has done three searches on the title of one of his most recent blog postings, Manolosphere: The Tumblr of the Manolo, from earlier this afternoon.

Here is the search from the new Blekko search engine

The Manolo’s recent post is returned, as it should be, in the first position.

And now, another of the Manolo’s favorite search engines, the results of the Bing

Again, the Manolo’s recent posting is in the first position.

And now the Google results….

On the first page of ten results, you will notice that the Manolo’ s humble shoe blog is in the sixth position, below Shozsociety, Shoepimps, MyShoeAngels, Tweetmeme, and the Jumping Anaconda, all sites which simply repost part or all of the Manolo’s RSS feed.

Finally at number six, the front page of the Manolo’s Shoe Blog appears… No sign of the specific post yet.

Ah, here is the specific post, on the second page….

In the sixteenth position, well below the Eyeballs Macedonia!

Clearly, Google does not like the blog of the Manolo.

The Manolo must apologize to his internet friends for complaining about this, as it detracts from the light-hearted spirit that the Manolo wishes to maintain here. However, complain he must, for he feels that the injustice is being done to him by the Google.

Query: Is the Google search system failing?