Country Strong: Tragic Accident or Terrorism?

Manolo says, it is like watching the runaway freight train, painted in the colors of the American flag, crash into the busload of orphans and nuns and puppy dogs.

In defense of Gwyneth, it is not entirely her fault she cannot credibly portray the country and the western singer. She is the New York, Spence School, Gossip Girl, child of urban privilege, whose every experience is foreign to what she seeks to portray in Country Strong.

“But, Manolo,” you may perhaps be saying, “what about Reese Witherspoon? Did she not win the Oscar for portraying the June Carter Cash?”

To which the Manolo must answer, yes, but then Laura Jeanne Witherspoon is from Nashville, the authentic daughter of Music City. And, she had the template, June Carter Cash, herself, upon which she could base her performance.

GOOP has no such advantages. She must attempt to construct her own credible country star out of the pastiche of Martina McBride and Faith Hill and whoever else is currently at the top of the country charts, without reference to her own experiences and, from what the Manolo can tell, the rather thin singing voice, and possibly thinner acting ability ( Please do not speak of Shakespeare in Love. It is the fluke.)

We must withhold our final judgment until the viewing of the movie, but from the video above, the Manolo believe it is the tragic accident in the offing, one certain to have been caused by the greed and inattention of the producers, director, and casting director.

UPDATE: One of the Manolo’s internet friends just pointed out this…

And now the Manolo is leaning towards the act of terrorism.

How else to account for that accent, and the weapons grade schmaltz of the cancer-stricken child scene, but that it is all the clever al-Qaeda plot?

Holiday Shoes 2010: Crystal Bow Giuseppe Zanotti Flat Sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Bow Flat Sandals

Manolo says, here are the gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti flat sandals embellished with the crystal bows that will transforms your feets into the delicate present of great price, they will be as dainty box filled with expensive jewels, dangling from the highest branch of the tree.

Whose Shoes Wednesday… The Answer

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Mrs Santa Claus

Mrs Santa Claus: Lady in the Parlor, Strumpet in the Bedroom

Manolo answers, it is the Mrs. Santa Claus!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend, Margaret, who was the first to correctly identify this week’s multifaceted personage of note.