Botkier Francis Sandal on the Sale

Francis Flat Sandals from Botkier

Manolo says, yes it is the darkest and gloomiest part of the year, when you feel like going back to the bed, pulling the cover over the head, and setting the alarm for April.

And because of this, how can one possibly consider buying the colorful, frisky, vernal sandals from Botkier?

But, the Manolo asks, not rhetorically, will the spring not arrive at its appointed time? And will you not then be needing the colorful, frisky, vernal sandals from Botkier?

And so, thus, would it not be the good time to buy such feetwear, when it is out of the season, and the prices are low?

How low?

This low: the reduction of $85 of the American dollars, almost 45% off of the regular price!

Spring: It is not as far away as you think.


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