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Jimmy Choo Marine Jeweled Ankle-Wrap Sandals for the Tuesday

January 11, 2011 3

Jimmy Choo Marine Jeweled Ankle-Wrap Sandals

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, in January, and the news of the world is depressing!

We need shoes! Beautiful shoes such as these absolutely gorgeous Marine be-jeweled ankle-wrap sandals from Jimmy Choo.

Why are these shoes called “Marine”? The Manolo does not know. Perhaps there is the small anchor and globe together with the words “semper fidelis” engraved on the sole.


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  • Anony-non says:

    Thank you, Manolo. These are gorgeous shoes.

  • Perhaps their gift with purchase is a strapping young Marine?

  • Litchee says:

    Marine is actually a French female name, meaning “of the sea”. It’s quite common, too !