Manolo the Columnist: Lilly Wedge from Lilly Pulitzer

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I make my living as a wedding photographer. I would characterize my style as less traditional and more journalistic, which means I try to blend in somewhat with the guests, and move around a lot. When the weather warms up, I’ll be doing a lot of outdoor wedding on lawns and cobblestones, so I’d like a find a good wedge heel shoe, but one that looks classy and would go with my usual outfit, a silk shantung pantsuit. Please help.


Manolo says, the wedding photographer is one of the most difficult of all creative occupations.

On the one of the hands, if you do the job well, you will be praised for properly memorializing one of happiest days in the life of the family. Your work will sit on the mantelpieces and pianos of parents, siblings, and future children for generations to come.

On the other of the hands, if you fail, you will be reviled as one of the great villains of history, alongside the Ghengis Khan, John Wilkes Booth, and the man who invented the 1040A form.

You will be blamed for marriages that go bad, and your failure to photoshop away the mustache and double-chin of the bride, or your picture of Uncle Leo plumber’s crack will be cited in divorce documents and become legend among the members of extended families. Which is why it is important to always ask for the big deposit up front.

Here is Lilly Wedge from the Lilly Pulitzer, the simple, elegant wedge heel sandal available in silver or gold.

Lilly Wedge from Lilly Pulitzer