Gaga Egga

The Special Edition Cadbury Gaga Egg has a nutty center

'Ladies and gentlemen, excuse the interruption, but is there an alien obstetrician in the house?'

Manolo says, Worst. Easter. Ever.


FN Shoe Star, Episode 4

Manolo says, the fourth episode of the FN Shoe Star, sponsored by the Brown Shoe Company is now available for your viewing enjoyment.

This week, we are further introduced to the six contestants, although not in the depth or complexity one would wish.

Here is what the Manolo learned: Matthew wanted to be the corporate lawyer, but fell into designing when he turned 12; Maggie has been aggressively self promoting since she left the crib; Keena’s parents were rich hippies; Hyojin has the friend; Rachel’s comes from the family of designers who have had their own television shows; and Shannon worked for Steve Madden, which would explain that boot in episode one.

In other FN Shoe Star news, the Manolo’s favorite, FN Shoe Star judge, jury and executioner, Michael Atmore, has softened his hairstyle and his manner, both things the Manolo considers the mistake. The Michael Atmore is far more interesting when he is brooding than when he attempts to enthuse over the backgrounds of the contestants. It is his Olympian qualities that appeal: his Zeus like detachment from the fate of the mortals that vie for his attention

But, watch this episode (and if you have missed them, the others) and tell the Manolo what you think.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato Patent Leather Pumps For the Day of San Valentine

Manolo says, it is the Day of San Valentine and you are back at your desk thinking it is the no big deal. Although, as you say this to yourself, you know perfectly well that if your man fails to come across with the goods this evening the day will end on the note of sourness.

And what are these “goods” of which you speak?

If you were honest with yourself, you would say the absolute best would be the hand-written letter of love, in which your husband of many years produces poetry which will rival that of the Robert Herrick.

But, it seems unlikely that the same man who yesterday changed the oil on your car and then spent six hours on the couch in the basement watching college basketball, would be suddenly graced with greatness by the immortal muses.

Indeed, somewhere in the attic, secreted away in your chest of treasures, reside the examples of Gary’s previous poetic efforts, written when you were both young and in the first flush of love. As you recall, the word “forsooth” figures prominently in them.

And so, as the years have progressed, you have readjusted the definition of the “goods” downward, in inverse proportion to gifts required for the anniversary of the wedding. In anniversary terms, the first year is paper, the fiftieth is gold. In Valentine’s Day terms, the first is florid original poetry hand-written on parchment, the fiftieth is that he remembers your name as he gums his heart-shaped bowl of tapioca.

You are now at the stage midway between these two poles, which means that if Gary wishes to remain in good odor, he will fork over the large card into which he has handwritten the words “I Love You”, along with the box of decent chocolate and/or the bouquet of roses. He will then complete the evening with the dinner at the House of the Outback Steak, where he not wait for dessert to express his undying love to you, but will utter such words no latter than the moment when the remains of the Blooming Onion are cleared away.

And so it is written, and so it shall be.


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Pigalle Plato Patent Leather Platform Pumps by Christian Louboutin

It is the Pigalle Plato Patent Leather Platform Pumps. Red shoes to impress the crowd at the Red Lobster!