The Tyrant Teeters

Colonel Qaddafis Umbrella

Ear Flaps? Oh Fortuna!

Manolo says, while few things would make the Manolo happier than to see the tyrant Qaddafi run out of Libya in ignominy, it is nonetheless somewhat disappointing to see him reduced to such dire sartorial straits.

It was only the few years ago that the Manolo was pointing out that Colonel Nutbar was the only despot who fully understood the value of costuming…

Young Qadaffi. 1969

Colonel Hawtness, 1969

Naturally there is the exception that proves the rule, the one dictator who knows how to rock the clothing. The man who in his prime was the movie-star handsome tyrant with the mythic fashion sense.

The Manolo is speaking, of the course, about the Mu’amar al-Qaddafi, who has eschewed the cheap gangster look, preferring in the stead to wear the flowing natural-fibers and earth-toned robes favored by both the Bedouins of the Sahara and the Jedi Knights of Tatooine.

And when he was not sporting the Bedouin robes, the Qaddafi he wears the kinte-cloth dashikis! And he had the personal bodyguard comprised entirely of the super hotty she-devils!

This […] is how the real tyrants do it, with flair and drama and color, and Amazons in the tight-fitting camouflage cat-suits!

Qaddafi and his Bodyguards

Who's the cat who won't cop out when there's danger all about? QADDAFI!

Qaddafi, he’s not just the despot, he is the Arab Superfly, White Shaft in Africa!

Let us hope that the people of Libya will soon be free from this clothing-aware lunatic.


Calvin Klein Collections on the Sale

Mila from Calvin Klein Collections on the Sale

Manolo says, the spring is approaching and soon it will be warm and you will need sandals to go with your skinny jeans and the slouchy sweater which as been sitting at the back of your closet enticing you with its comfortable shapelessness.

Here is the Mila from the Calvin Klein Collections, the casual flat sandal that would look good with exactly that outfit, and, even the better, it is on the sale, over $100 off of the regular price.


FN Shoe Star, Episode 5

Manolo says, here above is the latest episode of the FN Shoe Star, the fifth in this season of the online series.

And, as you may see, the seemingly interminable build-up to the first actual challenge continues. Allow the Manolo to speak for everyone when he says GET ON WITH IT!

We have been introduced and re-introduced and re-re-introduced to the contestants, now let us see how well they design the shoes.

Other than this, the Manolo has nothing to add, except that he is very much looking forward to seeing Rebecca Taylor provide the inspiration for the first challenge, which is certain to test the aspiring designers’ ability to craft the wearable and attractive shoe.