FN Shoe Star, Episode 8

Manolo says, the eighth episode of the FN Shoe Star is now available for your viewing pleasure. This is the episode where one of the contestants, the loser of the first challenge, is sent away.

To the mind of the Manolo, this was the best episode yet, as it was mostly about the shoes the designers put forward for the competition, and free of the tiresome contrived drama that plagues the reality television shows.

The thing that the Manolo especially appreciated was that the judged discussed each shoe intelligently and sympathetically.

The Edelmans of the Brown Shoe company were predictably focused on the marketability of each shoe, and yet the Manolo did not mind this because their reasons for favoring Matthew over the others were honest and comprehensible.

And, in end it was Maggie who was given the boot, which should be counted as the stroke of luck for Shannon, whose convertible shoe was bad, very bad indeed.

And now it is on to the next challenge.