Keira Goes Green

We’ve all done it. You find a great pair of shoes. You wear them out on Monday. While composing your outfit on Tuesday, you find the urge to wear the same lovely pair a second time overwhelming. But a second time in a row?

We recycle bottles and cans, we recycle sitcoms, we recycle old boyfriends, but what about shoes? Will your legion of admirers notice?  Are you the only righteous fashionista who would do such a thing?

Apparently not.

The ever so beautiful Keira Knightley was photographed two nights in a row wearing the same adorable brown lace-up flats while out in London. I highly doubt the reason for this fashion faux pas was Keira’s lack of shoe selection, so what possessed the starlet to recycle her kicks? The world may never know. However, I must say, I am astonished at her ability to pull off two completely unique looks with the same simple slip-ons.

Keira Knightly in brown flats

Night one: Keira looks flirtatious and feminine in her almost Catholic Schoolgirl inspired look.

Keira Knightly in brown flats
Night two: An entirely new look! She looks sleek, sophisticated and edgy with her leather jacket and high waisted pants. Bravo!

No need for atonement Keira, you pulled this repeat off. I applaud you!