FN Shoe Star, Episode 10

Many says, here is the latest episode of FN Shoe Star competition in which the remaining five designers present to the judges their versions of the toning shoes.

As you may recall, the Manolo was less than thrilled with this challenge, and, predictably enough, the resulting shoes justify the wariness of the Manolo. But, this was to be expected, yes?

“Make the toning shoe out of recycled material.”


But, before we can go to the judges table to view the carnage, we are treated to 45 mildly amusing seconds of Vasilios! kvetching at the designers, and offering not much in the way of usable suggestions.

And now, allow the Manolo to make the few short observations about each of the designers.

Keena is the smartest of the lot, not only is she well spoken, but she was also the only one smart enough to seem disgruntled by this silly challenge. Her shoe was nothing special, but her attitude was much appreciated by the Manolo.

Rachel is the marketing savviest of the designers. Does she have the degree in business? If not, she has been well trained in the dark arts of the sales presentations. The clear plastic glued to the outside of the shoe seemed gimmicky and cheap, but Rachel pushed it like it was the finest timeshare in all of Boca Raton.

Hyojin seemed to be confused and lost, and in her confusion she produced the same shoe that you would find on the shelves at the Dollar General store, marked down from $17.99 to $4.99. The Manolo is sorry to say that she will be eliminated this next week.

Matthew‘s chukka-ish boot was high concept but not especially exciting. Black on black on boring. Plus, he should not have cut his hair so short. He looks like the tennis ball with eyebrows.

Shannon is annoying, very annoying. Happily, her inflated sense of competency will soon lead to the most amusing disaster. On the other of the hands, however, allow the Manolo to give the girlfriend props for being the only one to try something different. Her boot was not bad when seen in the middle distance, until the top was rolled down, revealing the shiny interior lacing.

Of the course, the best moment of the whole show happened when Shannon was describing the wickety-wack…

Biotch Please

Olympian disdain and bemusment.

Who is the winner? Probably Rachel.