FN Shoe Star, Episode 11

Manolo says, and now the 11th episode of the FN Shoe Star is available on the line for your viewing pleasure.

In this episode, as the Manolo had predicted, the Hyojin was shown the door and given the rocker-shoe boot.

However, it was not the Manolo’s choice, Rachel, who was declared the winner, but Matthew. He was chosen because the judges believed he had accomplished the impossible goal of making the toner-shoe that could potentially trick some unlucky man into purchasing it.

Other than the predicted loser and the unpredicted winner, there is not much else to report, except that the celebrity judge, the fabulously successful Tom’s Shoe Guy, Blake Mycoskie, knows next to nothing about the shoes.

He does not know the shoes, but what the Blake Mycoskie does know is the marketing to the young peoples in the way that makes them feel good about paying wildly inflated prices for the cheap Argentine peasant shoes.

The same Tom’s alpargatas that sell for $44 in America, can be purchased in Buenos Aires for less than $6, retail..

Blake Mycoskie,

Blake Mycoskie, Capitalist, Philanthropist, Dude

And, yes, the Manolo knows that your first-world guilt is assuaged by knowing that the adorably hunky Blake is helping the poor children by giving them the one pair for every pair you buy (while pocketing the remaining $30, minus the expenses).

Such beneficence!

Would it not be better, asks the Manolo, to buy the mostly identical shoes which are $30 cheaper and give the difference to the charity of your choice? There are many peoples who are much more efficient at delivering the help to those who need it than the dudely self-promoter with the nice smile and the big mark up.

But, that is just the crazy thought from the Manolo, who likes to keep his conspicuous consumption separate from his private charity giving.