Princess Beatrice’s Hat

By Manolo the Shoeblogger

How much is that Beatrice in the window?

Manolo says, there is nothing sadder at the pet shop than the puppies who never get taken home.

Princess Beatrices Hat

Whatever was in that elaborate frame (Her coat of arms? The picture of Charles II? Paid advertising? ) has apparently fallen out.


23 Responses to “Princess Beatrice’s Hat”

  1. Annabelle Says:

    I may be the only person in the world (besides Beatrice herself) who actually likes this hat. It is definitely strange, but she looks so happy wearing it that I think she kind of pulls it off.

  2. Biffles Says:

    Overcome with the gravity of this occasion, I penned this haiku about the Princesses:

    You ask who dressed us
    Not Who, the other Doctor
    The Doctor of Seuss

    But actually, I think this was Fergie’s revenge on not being invited…after all, doesn’t a girl consult her mother about her special-occasion outfits?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have to agree with you Annabelle, i liked ot too! She is young and rich and had the best people dressing her, I am sure she could have looked much worse. But she pulled it off!

  4. speasummerlin Says:

    I liked it, too.
    I loved seeing all the Phillip Treacy hats!

  5. ChaChaheels Says:

    As bizarre as they appear to be, you have to love the British for their hats and fascinators. No matter what they’ve got perched on their heads, they wear those things with a confidence no one can match.

  6. Nancy C. Says:

    I’m with the Manolo on this one. When I first saw it I thought it was some kind of a tribal pagan goddess headdress. She might have pulled it off if it was either a better color or if her outfit hadn’t been so drab.

  7. Roz C. Says:

    As in if she were Lola the show girl it might have been entertaining!

  8. Moi;) Says:

    I’d say it was Fergie’s revenge, except…..

    As I was not familiar with the princesses, I looked them up to see which DD this was. And every photo which was taken before the wedding listed Beatrice first, but showed Eugenie on the left. (Must be a driving on the left thing.)

    So, maybe la Bibi was tired of being mistaken for her sister. You surely know which one she is now!

  9. Dani Says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw this chapeau was that it looked like a European Mount. Which has nothing to do with fashion and much to do with animals!

  10. Charlotte Allen Says:

    I’m with Annabelle–the hat is silly, but the very charming Beatrice carries it off. I’m more fascinated by the brutish Eugenie, who has affected the Nell Gwynn look.

  11. Miss Louisa Says:

    I liked it when Anderson Cooper insisted on calling it a “pretzel hat” as had been in “The Producers.” The ladies did grab a lot of attention. I knew they were somewhere in the ether, but until yesterday, I wasn’t able to put a name to either face.

  12. Claire in Dublin Says:

    I agree! I liked Beatrice’s hat!

  13. Jennie Says:

    As a designer, it looks too much like an Enkeboll wooden onlay. The hats are ugly and absurd. There is a difference in innovative and tacky. Both Princesses were tacky.

  14. raincoaster Says:

    I blogged about this at Ayyyy as well. The hat was elaborate, beautifully made, memorable, and unique, so, you know, points for trying.

    It was, however, hideous. And “Hideous and trying too hard” is not a look that anyone can pull off.

    I’m with the people who said this is the view the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s gynecologist has.

  15. Livia Says:

    The princesses were raised in palaces and have been guided since birth in royal conduct and appropriate clothing choices, in an environment where beautiful style is valued and the resources for being stylish are virtually unlimited. They both look wack because they are stubborn, somewhat rebellious, and young, and they don’t understand that the way they dressed for the wedding is not so much perceived as an expression of their individuality, but as poor taste. Perhaps they are mind screwed by their mother’s unfortunate issues. In any case, eccentricity is so thoroughly British a quality that it’s a little odd if it doesn’t turn up in some of the family members. They might mature out of it. If not, they’ll always be William’s loony cousins, known and criticized for their strange clothing choices but doing it anyway. And why not? They aren’t hurting anyone by wearing unflattering clothing and nutty hats. Still, if they had been beautifully dressed, I wouldn’t be feeling a little sorry for them now. I doubt if that’s the reaction they were going for.

  16. elise Says:

    i expect the manolo may agree with this interpretation of the “hat” in question:

  17. MaryB Says:

    I thought this was a Philip Treacy knock-off, so it’s a little distressing to me to find it is a Philip Treacy itself. What happened? His things are usually bizarre but wonderful. This seems sad.

  18. Thea Says:

    I’m not sure Phillip Treacy can be considered avant garde two years after his work appears on Project Runway.

    And please, can we NOT blame Fergie for the outfits – Andrew isn’t entirely um, grounded (unless you count face planting after too many G & Ts).

    PS note to self: Do not EVER tic off the Manolo! Last puppies in the shop indeed :-)

  19. red kitchenaid mixer Says:

    i would definitely say that she managed to pull it off.

  20. jlw Says:

    it appears to me that whatever fell from her elaborate frame struck her in the face and blackened both eyes.

  21. wildflower Says:

    Is it a British thing to have ALL of your accessories, including the shoes, the EXACT same color (or should I type ‘colour’?)as your dress? It doesn’t look bad, but wouldn’t we Americans call that look “too matchy-matchy”?

  22. JRi Says:

    Here’s an idea… Since Fergie is obviously not instructing her daughters in fashion and good taste, good old Victoria Beckham (since she has only boys!) should adopt those poor girls and HELP THEM!!! Dear God…HELP THEM!!!

  23. AbbyLin Says:

    I would definitely think she should take the hat off.

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