Jimmy Choo Suede & Crystal Strappy Sandals for the Celebratory Monday

Jimmy Choo Suede and Crystal Strappy Sandals

The various news of the weekend is worthy of celebration, and what better way to do so than with the stunningly beautiful Jimmy Choo suede and crystal strappy sandals?

Perfect for dancing the night away!


The Royal Wedding Killed Osama bin Laden

Noted Metrosexual Killed by Royal Wedding

Metrosexul Anglophile

Yes, the Manolo said it: the Royal Wedding Killed Osama bin Laden!

As the Manolo pointed out nearly four years ago, the Osama bin Laden was the metrosexual who dyed his beard and paid overly fastidious attention to his grooming.

And, it is the well known fact that the Osama bin Laden wished to live in England, and was the supporter of the Arsenal football club, which is the favorite club of both the Queen Elizabeth and the Prince Harry.

We are also informed, that the luxurious home in which the terrorist stayed (under the very nose of the Pakistani military) was not equipped with either the phone connection or the internet.

And so the Manolo asks you, what metrosexual Anglophile would miss the Royal Wedding?

“Ahmad, call Comcast to have the cable hooked up. By the Beard of the Prophet I shall not miss the nuptials of that infidel Prince William to the delicious Miss Middleton.”

“But, oh Leader of the Faithful, are not the enemies of righteousness everywhere with their spies, even unto the offices of the cable company?”

“Silence, dog! I shall have news of the Windsors!”

Royal Wedding Kills Osama

She's smiling because she knows...