FN Shoe Star

FN ShoeStar Episode 15

May 10, 2011 2

Manolo says, Fergie!

Getting Fergalicious with the Furgie, by designing the Fergie shoes for the Fergie to wear on her ferging feets!


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  • MaryB says:

    So…I’m feel like they’re wasting a lot of time this year on Shoe Star. I like it when I like it, but when I don’t, it’s forcing me to know when Fergie’s birthday is.

    • The Manolo agrees. They are just dragging this out. It would be much better if they focused on the designing and construction of the shoes, with the more detailed discussions of the judging.

      The peoples who watch this are the knowledgeable shoe fanatics. Give us more serious detail and images and we will watch it.