Extraterrestrial Freindly Fashion from United Nude

It’s important to have a nice repertoire of shoes in order to assure you are ready for any occasion: a casual day with friends, a night out on the town, a summer picnic, a snow day, a work day…but what about a trip to the moon? Well not to worry,  because the folks at United Nude have got you covered.

United Nude Build Your Own Platform

The creatively contemporary and boundary pushing footwear line has teamed up with Spanish performance artist Alicia Framis to come up with a shoe for the Moon Life Project, a conceptual project based on the belief that humans will one day live in outer-space. Behold the build-your-own platform shoe! This carbon-fiber shoe comes to you boxed in pieces along with assembly instructions and interchangeable parts to allow for a more personalized and custom look.

United Nude Shoe PartsWhile you cannot deny the shoes are certainly an intriguing concept, to me they look a bit like a Bowflex machine designed by Tim Burton.  It’s a good thing the moon has very little gravity, because I can envision myself falling constantly in these things. Call me a luddite, but if this is the future in shoe technology, I don’t know if I will be able to adapt! I think I’ll stick to my pre-assembled shoes on my first planet of origin.

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Maria Shrivers Shoes!

Manolo answers, it is the Maria Shriver!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend, the Juliet, for being the first to correctly identify this week’s wronged celebrity lady.