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FN Shoe Star, Episode 17 | Manolo's Shoe Blog

FN Shoe Star, Episode 17

Manolo says, and then there were the two.

Above you will find the latest episode of the FN Shoe Star, in which the pop star Fergie and the Manolo’s internet friend the Brandon Holley sat at the table of judging so as to help whittle the field of contestants down to the last two.

Of all the episodes, this was the best yet. Finally, all the designers produced the shoes that were interesting and moderately well-made, and the viewer were given sufficient time to consider each shoe. This was more of what the Manolo had hoped to see from the FN Shoe Star, the shoes being examined closely and discussed intelligently.

As for the final results, the Manolo would have chosen Keena’s shoe over that of Rachel, but the decision to eliminate Matthew was the correct one, as his shoe was the weakest.

And now the final two contestants will be designing the shoe collection for the Saks Fifth Avenue!

2 Responses to “FN Shoe Star, Episode 17”

  1. Sarah F May 23, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    I agree with the Manolo. Rachel’s shoe minus the sequins can be found anywhere- Keena’s was much more interesting.

  2. MaryB June 1, 2011 at 12:34 pm #

    I am not Fergie.

    This will be no surprise to the friends of the MaryB, who, of all the shoes, would be likeliest to wear Matthew’s (as was true almost every time). But, given that the challenge was not to design for MaryB but for Fergie, I understand why he was sent home.

    Go Keena, whose shoes have more cleverness and interest than the talented but way too commercial shoes of rachel!

    MaryB, who has been traveling and is catching up