FN Shoe Star, Episode 19

Manolo says, and now we are at the next to the last episode of the FN Shoe Star saga, in which the Keena and the Rachel present to the judges their final collection.

The Manolo thought that this episode was the best one yet, because the presentations of the two young women were so interesting and well done. Indeed, the final challenge was especially well thought out as the two designers were charged with not only producing the two pairs of the shoes, but also the entire justification and marketing plan for their potential collections.

The results were remarkably different. Keena’s collection stood out as the most original and true to her personality, but Rachel’s presentation was the most thorough and most professional, and her collection was more commercial.

But, watch this episode for yourself, especially the last half, as it is very good.

As for who the winner will be? The Manolo does not know. Both designers turned out to be very talented and very capable. The Manolo likes Keena’s sandal best of all the shoes, but dislikes her covered wedge worst of all the shoes (it is clunky, not at all “Ephemeral”). However, Rachel’s collection was consistent and very marketable, but not especially distinctive.

But, the Manolo must step out onto the limb and make the guess, so he says that the judges will pick Rachel, because she has thinks so much about the marketing and is the very commercial sort of designer.