Abel Muñoz, Spring/Summer 2012

Manolo says, look what has appeared on the electronic desktop of the Manolo: the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from the Manolo’s exceedingly talented designer friend, the Abel Muñoz!

Here is the inspiration of the collection.

The Spring Summer 2012 collection is inspired by the women of Rimini, a place
known as a mecca for high fashion, rich culture, and a vibrant summer lifestyle.
Each style utilizes extravagant, bright, bold colors combined with cutting edge
design. Women from all walks of life become goddesses unleashing an unstoppable
energy that celebrates freedom and independence.

And now, here are three of the Manolo’s favorites from this auspicious collection:

The Ersila from Abel Munoz Spring/Sumer 2012

The Batman-esque detail around the eyelets of this shoe, the Ersila, is one of the many things that elevates this oxford pump well above the ordinary.

The Elettra from Abel Munoz Spring/Sumer 2012

Manolo shouts….zzzzzzap! The Elettra’s bright red lightning bolt commands the attention of Zeus (a.k.a, that broad-chested, six-footer with the full beard who delivers the drinking water bottles (two at the time!) to your office.

The Mirella from Abel Munoz Spring/Sumer 2012

To the mind of the Manolo the Mirella is the most Rimini of all of the shoes in the collection, something that would be worn as one strides across the Piazza Tre Martiri, earning the admiration of the gentlemen sipping their Camparis in the cafes along the edge.

The only bad thing about this collection is that it will not arrive until the next year…but, as they say, the good things, they are worth the wait.