Manolo the Columnist: Luann from Charles David

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I work on Capital Hill with a boss, who though brilliant and
well-intentioned, likes to yell loudly at the staff. As a consequence, the
office is often a place of tension and unhappiness. Of course, I can’t
quit, because not only do I believe in the work my boss is doing, but I need
this job. Please suggest some shoes to make me feel better.


Manolo says, the Manolo has long noticed that the Congresspeoples are like
the willful and badly-behaved children who must be encouraged in proper
behavior by by the adult members of their staff.

“No, Congressman Jimmy, you may not have another gin-and-tonic juice box.
You’ve already had two, and besides, It’ll spoil your dinner with the

“Jimmy want! Jimmy want! Jimmy want!!!”

“No, Congressman. You can have another one when we go to your playdate
with the lobbyist from the Sewage and Solid Waste Industry Association.”

“Jimmy no like poo people! No! No! No! No!”

“Please, Congressman, get up off the floor. Now is not the time for a
tantrum! The press will be here shortly and you’ve got to do your homework
for the Environmental subcommittee.”

What is needed is the effect system of remedial correction and education
for the impolite and immature behavior on the part of our elected
officials, something that perhaps involves public humiliation, physical
pain, and the throwing of overly-ripe fruits and vegetables.

Look! Here is the Luann platform sandal from the Charles David in the
yellow and beige that would certainly lighten the mood in your office!

Luann from Charles David