Valentino Two-Tone Runway Pumps for the Tuesday

Manolo says, it is Tuesday and you are back at your desk, looking forward to this final weekend of the summer. Indeed, you are ready for the summer of 2011 (or as you have titled it, The Summer of Disappointment) to be finished.

This past week was the final straw. For two weeks, you had been preparing for the big cookout and family gathering at the seashore, only to have the Hurricane Irene derail everything at the final moment.

Worse, when you got up on Sunday morning, there was Geraldo Rivera standing (well, leaning into the stiffish breeze) on your front lawn declaiming loudly to no one in particular that conditions were “horrific.”

Two seconds later, you made Gary put on his rain slicker and go out into the “hurricane” with the shovel and chase Geraldo away from your property, as if he were the importuning raccoon.

Is it fall yet?

Look! Autumnal shoes, in the hottest color of the season, bordeaux.

Valentino Two-Tone Runway Pumps

The Two-tone Runway Pumps from Valentino, shoes which have transcended the ordinary with the addition of the unusual ankle-strap birdcage thingy.