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What the Manolo Wants from Santy Claus | Manolo's Shoe Blog

What the Manolo Wants from Santy Claus

Manolo says, if you are shopping for the Manolo (and who is not these days?) please consider giving him the following gift.

Nespresso Citiz Aeroccino

The Manolo was recently the guest in the home whose kitchen was equipped with this, the
Nespresso Citiz Aeroccino C120.

Each morning, during his visit , the Manolo would awake at his customary late hour and head to the dining room, where he would sit for the few minutes before realizing that his hosts, being productive citizens, had already departed for the day.

Thus it was left to the Manolo to make his own coffee! Happily, this magnificent machine makes the perfect cup every time, without the special coffee barista training. Truly we live in the age of wonders and miracles!

One Response to “What the Manolo Wants from Santy Claus”

  1. kuri December 7, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    I’ve missed the Manolo’s posts! Refreshingly witty as usual.