Fred Perry Stampdown Shoes for the Wednesday before Christmas

Manolo says, it is Wednesday and you are back at your desk, and you just realized that you have completely forgotten to do the shopping for your 22-year-old nephew, the one studying in the UK, who is not coming home for Christmas, and whom your daughter says has gone completely native.

“What does that mean,” you ask, “gone native?”

This is the pertinent question, because when you think of the young people dressing in the identifiably British manner it involves dirty jeans, torn leather jackets, and the mohawk hairdos. (For your older sister it would be nehru jackets and mop tops.)

“Well, from what I can tell from Skyping him, I think it’s sort of preppy”

“L.L. Bean preppy?”

“Nah, less fuddy-duddy, more international. Think polo shirts and Fred Perry.”

Great, and now where to find these preppy items and get them to your nephew in time for the big day? So you search the web and you come up with this very well reviewed online store which has the good things like the handsome Hugo Boss wallet and the Denham polo shirts, and promises the next day delivery in the UK, and fast delivery worldwide.

And after much looking at the site you narrow your choices down to the Original Penguin polo in purple…

And the Ferry Kingston Stampdown Stripe Shoes in the red canvas.

And so you call your daughter in and ask her what she thinks.

“He’ll love any one, but the shoes are cool.”

And, that is all you needed to know.