Manolo the Columnist: Vivian from Kors by Michael Kors

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

At the end of the month, I’m taking a series of exams, the final portion being an hour long oral defense of what I wrote in the written exam concerning marriage in Rome, Latin poetry, necromancy, magic and the Goddess Hecate; (in multiple essays, not just one). It’s very frightening, as I am just a shy and lowly undergraduate. I want to WOW my professors in the orals, but I need the confidence that can only be gotten from fabulous shoes (on a budget though, I am a college student). Do you have any suggestions?


Manolo says, on the one of the hands, what else would one wear to take the exams about the world of Rome than the handsome pair of the gladiator sandals?

But, on the other of the hands, that would be too obvious, would it not?

And yet, on the third of the hands, the professors who are doing the examing are probably the Romanophiles, and so would certainly be amused by your choice of the feetwear.

Although, on the four of the hands, probably not.

Still, on the fifth of the hands, the sandals of the gladiator sandals are comfortable, yes?

Besides, on the sixth of the hands, it is February, and cold and wet, even in Rome itself.

Ultimately, on the seventh of the hands, you must project the aspect of confident seriousness, not frivolity, and so the Manolo recommends the Vivian from the Kors by Michael Kors, in the Taupe Kid Suede (also available in 11 other finishes.) Not exactly Roman, but when in Academia one must do as the Academians do.

Vivian from Kors by Michael Kors