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Shoe Personalities: Ronnie Boot from Jeffery-West | Manolo's Shoe Blog

Shoe Personalities: Ronnie Boot from Jeffery-West

N.B. Manolo says, because psychologists have proven what we already know, that shoes reflect the traits of those who wear them, the Manolo challenged his internet friends to say what sort of people would wear three different shoes. This shoe below is the third of three.

Number 3:
The Ronnie Men’s Boot from Jeffery-West, selling for the $545.

Jeffrey-West Ronnie Boot

Your name is not Sergio, but you wish it were. Your real name is Barry. You are 34 years old, and during the weekdays you work as the limo driver, taking businessmen back and forth to the LaGuardia and the JFK.

You live in Queens, with your widowed mother, the 74-year-old, would-be cat hoarder, who collects Madame Alexander dolls and suffers from the mild case of OCD. You would move out and get your own place, but as the only child you’re “all she’s got, know what I mean?”

Happily, your life is not all limo trips and repeatedly making sure the stove has been turned off.

On the Saturday nights you like to jam yourself into your pair of the too-small Armani Exchange jeans, and head downtown, to hit the clubs…although, over the past few months, your increasing inability to get past the doormen has almost not made it worth going. “Hey, back behind the rope, champ.”

2 Responses to “Shoe Personalities: Ronnie Boot from Jeffery-West”

  1. long island June 17, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    Poor Barry. His story could be Saturday Night Fever: The Next Generation.

    When I looked at those boots at Zappos I realized the graphic on the side is a skeleton giving the finger. I too am a graduate of an affiliate of Our Lady of the Flaming Spleen Country Day School but we had German nuns. As a result I have a well developed dark sense of humor. Those boots are not funny. In fact they are the $545 version of a “ripped” airbrush t shirt bought at the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore. Furthermore the boots are tackier because of the price.

    Your psychological assessment based on shoes has been brilliant!

  2. Bronwyn June 17, 2012 at 10:37 pm #

    Oh dear, what does that say about me? With my several Mme Alexander dolls and my slight problem having to have matching clothes pegs. Mind you, I am not 70, and I am waiting for my last cat to die so I can stop being a cat lady.
    And my son wouldn’t be seen dead in these boots.