Jodie Marsh Scares the Normal People

Jodie Marsh, All Natural Beauty

Manolo says, speaking of the sort of peoples whose stage name might easily be Mercedes Luv, the Manolo presents to you the English media personality Jodie Marsh. (Imagine Tila Tequila without the talent.)

And now, just by looking at the above picture, the Manolo encourages you to imagine what sort of shoes this person might wear to accentuate this outfit…

The answer is below the fold…

Crazy Teapot Shoes

Ayyyy! If you had “Teapot Shoes” in the office pool, you have won!

Jodie Marsh, Desperate Lady

Here is the simple rule, if you are so crazy-desperate for the attention that you think wearing the teapot-shaped shoes is the good idea, you should perhaps take the little break.