Kristen Stewart, Anti-Glamour

Nice Hair

Manolo says, behold, the highest paid actress in Hollywood!

$34.5 million dollars for looking drippy in Balmain and Ed Grimley’s hairdo; $34.5 million for affectless performances that could be better done by the department store mannequin with the midget inside.

At least the mannequin-midget would look good in the clothes.

Speaking of which, the Manolo does not wish to be harsh, but girlfriend does not know how to wear the clothes, indeed, she seems uncomfortable in anything that does not have the drawstring. Slouching, scowling, muttering her way down the red carpet, at one movie premiere after the next; woe be to the designer who thinks he has found the perfect celebrity showcase, for Kristen Stewart’s anti-glamour makes everything look bad.

But, on the plus side, unlike the last highest paid actress, she will not be stealing Brad Pitt away from his woman.

And now the few examples, to prove the Manolo’s point…

The color of the gunny sack.

This dress would be lovely, if it were not dun colored, and if Kristen Stewart were not wearing it.
Would rather be at home, sulking on couch with bag of cheetos

Frankly, the Manolo does not wish to know what is going on here. Let us just say that he hopes Kristen Stewart is wearing clean underwear, and leave it at that.
Kristen Stewart wearing colorful, shapeless, pleatherette bag

Ayyyyy! Color-block pleatherette!