On the Occasion of Katie Holmes Filing for Divorce: The Death Grip of Super Masculinity

Manolo says, the world of those who do not have eyes to see was rocked today when actress Katie Holmes filed for divorce from her husband of six years, the Tom Cruise.

Of the course, for those of us who are attentive to the matters of body language, it was perhaps easy to see that all was not well from the beginning, for indeed, as the “romance” played out in public through 2005 and 2006, the Manolo noticed something strange, something he referred to as the…

Death Grip of Super Masculinity!

As the Manolo said at the time, it was as if he were “trying to choke the Xenu right out of her”.

The Patented Kung Fu Grip of Manly Love

Elevator Shoes and a Strong Pimp Hand

Yes, Tom Cruise’s pimp hand was strong…

I din't mean to hurt you, Baby. You know I love you. It's this temper. Why you gotta be like this. Come on, now, Baby.

Although, occasionally, the other one was not…

The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

All of this was evidence of what the Manolo referred to at the time as, The Romance of the Century (& Part 2). The great love affair that played out in the public sphere, and on the couch of the Oprah Winfrey.

And now, it ends in divorce.

But that is okay, because it frees Tom up to be with the person he really loves…

I love this man!  He's magnificent!

P.S. Also from 2006, The Prisoner of Xenu