Should Fashion Bloggers be Licensed?

Manolo says, the Manolo was going to say something about this…

For me this gets to the heart of the whole question of non-regulation of fashion blogging, which has been celebrated as triumph of democracy in a dictatorial world (now everyone has a voice!) but also poses the dangers of opinion being automatically taken seriously, with no real knowledge on the part of the reader about the person opining, and the depth of what they may, or may not, know.


I’m not saying all fashion bloggers are dangerous (that would be a little hypocritical, no?), but maybe it is worth thinking about some sort of registry, or official database that requires certain disclosures that are verifiable.

But then he decided that it was just too egregiously stupid to pay much serious attention.

However, to be brief, if you are selling the counterfeit products (the event which occasioned this rant), then you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Otherwise, the meddlesome, and sometimes rent-seeking peoples who wish to stick their noses into everyone’s business, should leave the fashion bloggers alone.