Manolo’s Late Night Bargain: Air Tali JWL Thong

Cole Haan Air Tali JWL Flat Thong SandalCole Haan Air Tali JWL Flat Thong Sandal in White Gold

Manolo says, it is no secret that the Manolo is the fan of the comfort and practical stylishness of the Cole Haan Air line of shoes and sandals. And so when he saw that this flat, summery sandal, the Air Tali JWL Thong was on the sale, he had to absolutely recommend it to his many internet friends.

On the sale? Yes. Available in the black, white gold, and the Manolo’s favorite, the gunsmoke metallic, it is 65% off of the usual price! The deal almost too good to pass up.


Photo from The Worst Wedding You’ve Ever Attended

Wintour and Lagerfeld, Scaring the Horses.

Death Takes a Wife

Manolo says, the aged bride wore white, the groom ate your soul.

Cinderella. Louboutin. Cinderella by Louboutin!

Cinderella by Louboutin!

Manolo says, Ayyyyyy! Finally, the fairy tale has come true!


The Average Cosmopolitan Subscriber

Cosmo, July 2012. It is like the trainwreck, the Manolo cannot turn away.

Trainwreck, 2012.

Manolo says, the Manolo, who is increasingly becoming the cranky old man, made the mistake the few months back of subscribing to the twitter feed of the Cosmopolitan magazine. (It is like the train wreck. The Manolo cannot turn away.)

Since that time, under the near constant barrage of dumb, puerile, misguided tweets from the editors, the Manolo has begun to formulate the few theories about the new Cosmo Girl, or more properly, who it is that might be subscribing to this Cosmopolitan-sized disaster.


The average Cosmopolitan subscriber buys all of her underwear at Victoria’s Secret and all of her books at Wal-Mart.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber knows who Channing Tatum is, but has never heard of Marie Curie.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber believes that, somehow, sexting is her ticket to fame and fortune.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber can’t do long division but knows 15 ways to use baby oil to please the random male found at the sports bar.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber thinks Lindsay Lohan is the role model for empowered women.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber skipped over all the big words in Fifty Shades of Gray.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber dots all her “i’s” with smiley-faces and draws all her “u’s” in shape of vulvas.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber thinks straight men actually read Cosmo for Men.

Cosmo for Men, Korea.  Our honored ancestors weep.

Cosmo for Men, Korea. Our honored ancestors weep.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s friend, the Stella, for finding the Cosmo for Men cover.

Giuseppe Zanotti for the Day After the Fireworks

Giuseppe Zanotti WE2003 Sandal

Manolo says, here is something for the day after the day of the fireworks, the WE2003 from Giuseppe Zanotti, the strappy high-heeled sandal that speaks in sophisticated tones of muted (for Zanotti) joy.

There is something about this shoe that draws the Manolo, something which the Manolo cannot fully articulate. Certainly, it is the combination of everything, from the toering, to the gold accents, to the snakeskin print. There is the harmonious interplay of elements… Bah! Enough with the talking, talking, talking!

It is the object of attraction and desire. What more needs to be said?