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The Season of the Loafer | Manolo's Shoe Blog

The Season of the Loafer

Manolo says, O Fortuna, Queen of Fortune, all praise to you whose spinning wheel has delivered to us this happy moment, when some of the most comfortable shoes are also some of the most trendy.

In the other words, it is the Season of the Loafer!

How wonderful to see these wearable and practical shoes brought back from the dust bin of fashion history, to become this season’s most distinctive trend.

Eula Loafer from Charles Philip Shanghai

Celebrate this unusual alignment of the planets (comfortable shoes are in!) with Olympian gold courtesy of the euphonious Eula from the Charles Philip Shanghai. To paraphrase that noted fashion sage, Gordon Gekko, “Gold is good, gold is right. Gold clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the super fantastic spirit.”

Alvin Loafer from Sam Edelman

Or, if the metallic finish is not to your taste, perhaps the bold patterns of the mighty jungle cat, as interpreted by the pedestrianly named Alvin from the Sam Edelman, is more your style. Boldly bold and savagely fashionable, and yet will not leave you crippled with the pain in your toes. (Pro Tip: The Manolo approves of the judiciously exuberant use of the animal prints. )

Martini Loafer from Jeffrey Campbell

If neither of the previous two shoes are right, perhaps combining the flat loafer trend with the metallic stud trend will satisfy your edgy soul. In such the case, here is the Martini from the Jeffrey Campbell for all of your avant-garde flat-shoe needs.

The good news is that the flat loafers are never really out of the style, so when the trendy girls have moved on to something different, you will still be wearing these attractive shoes of great practicality and versatility.

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