The Viviana from Hush Puppies: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Manolo says, one minute you are surfing through the luster-lacking shoe sites on the interwebs, being bored by the endless pictures of the clunky, dreary comfort-ish shoes, and the next, ayyyy!, you find out that the stodgy old Hush Puppies has gone all Fluevog!

Vivianna from Hush Puppies

This piece of retro-Victoriana is the Vivianna lace-up, side-zipper bootie, from the Hush Puppies.

The Manolo found this at the Shuperb site, and is now showing it to you, not because he especially admires it, but rather because it is the powerful evidence that the old dogs can learn the new tricks.


2 Responses to “The Viviana from Hush Puppies: Who Let the Dogs Out?”

  1. Iman Muhammad August 22, 2013 at 12:03 pm #

    I love these shoes!! They’re a must have.

  2. Ang September 2, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    IN LOVE! I absolutely love this color as well as the style of the shoe! If only I was able to rock it, I will definitely buy it. Anywho Cute <3