Are High Heels Damaging Our Feet?

Are high heels damaging our feet?

Since the early 20th century, women have become obsessed with wearing high heels. Ladies wear these shoes to make their legs look longer and slimmer, as well as giving them an elegant and glamorous feeling. The size of the heel varies according to the style of the shoe. Small heels are sometimes referred to as low heels or kitten heels. These are only an inch or so high. Platform shoes however, not only have a huge three inch heel (at least), but the ball of the shoe also has an additional platform layer, making the wearer even taller.

After a night out, or after playing Foxy Bingo, many women feel the strain on their feet as a result of wearing high heels. These shoes create a lot of pressure of the ball of the foot and pushes the toes up. This is an unnatural position which becomes very uncomfortable after some time. But regardless of the pain, women will still wear these shoes. The shoes tend to match the rest of the outfit, for example, a silver party dress could be accessorized with sparkly stilettos, a satin silver bag and some silver elegant diamond earrings, similar to items you can find on jewellery stores such as Tiffany. But how are these shoes damaging our feet?

The main physical damage which high heels cause are blisters, corns and hammer toes. However, internal problems include damage to the underlying soft tissue in the foot as well as the gradual shortening the Achillies tendon. Over a long period of time, the foot could become totally flat, which causes problems when you want to wear flat shoes.

Some serious cases, such as Morton’s neurona, require surgery to reduce the pain. Wearing heels puts pressure on the lower back, makes the rump stick out, crushes the lower back vertebrae and contracts the muscles in the lower back.