Out With the Old, In With the New!

This blog is now under new management!

Let us perhaps say that it was the result of a “hostile” takeover.

21 Responses to “Out With the Old, In With the New!”

  1. Christie Says:


  2. Verity Kindle Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Where is my Manolo!? What have you done with him?!!

  3. desertwind Says:

    Please don’t hurt me.

  4. mecha Says:

    Stand back! HISSSSS!

  5. danilo Says:

    Poisson d’Avril!

  6. danilo Says:

    The Manolo, well okay, he was nice.

    But. there is no use crying over the spilled Manolo! And if the last six years has taught us anything, you’re either with us or you’re in Abu Ghraib.

    So! Let me be the first to swear allegiance to the New Order.

    Karl! Karl! Sie sind wirklich Superfantastisches! Mein KL.

  7. Texasexile Says:

    I know what day it is. Yet, I am still terrified beyond all reason.

  8. Fausta Says:

    The Lagerfeld, he’s the new borg

  9. Verity Kindle Says:

    You may take our lives, Karl, but you will never take our shoes!! Viva the Manolo!!

  10. Jess Says:

    Greetings Manoloings… Veee haf come fur yur vedges… Resistance is verboten…

  11. furlagirl Says:

    I’m very much afraid that the Manolo is being held in some Coldiitz style bunker, and only the tips if his winklepickers to dig a tunnel out to freedom. Perhaps he is being tortured with photographs of Hush Puppies, Uggs and Campers.

  12. ushie Says:

    I have the holy water, who’s got the garlic?

  13. Manolo for the Brides! Says:


    All hail Lagerfeld!
    By Never teh Bride

    I, for one, welcome our new alien overlord and his zombie bride!

    T […]

  14. La Gémeaux Says:

    My 4 y/o grandson called today to tell me there was a monster in my closet.

    Ayyyyyyyyy! He’s a prophet, only he mistook my closet for my computer. Quick! A wooden stake — or a 4-inch stiletto, whichever you find first!

  15. Manolo for the Men Says:

    […] Beware the Fools Of April
    By Izzy

    The Manolo, he was been most cruelly sabotaged by the (one assumes) accident-prone Lagerfeld! Such blackg […]

  16. ginny Says:

    The influence of the Karl, it is everywhere today! AIYYYYYEEEEEE!

  17. HG Says:

    Well played, Manolo. Well played.

  18. C Says:

    Manolo, where art thou?

  19. raucousraven Says:

    MY EYES, MY EYES! I am sobbing in fear!

    I’ll just be in the corner plotting sedition against your nefarious rule. Please don’t kill and eat me.

  20. Bunny With a Whip Says:

    the other 3 horsemen should be along any moment now…

  21. Shop Diary » Quel Horreur! Says:

    […] April 1, 2006 at 5:45 pm · Filed under April Fools Ayyyyy! The Karl Lagerfeld has taken over The Manolo’s Shoe Blog! Come […]

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