Karl in the New Yorker!

Honestly, ja, who else deserves 12 obsequious pages in the New Yorker? Derek Jeter? Ha! It is to laugh.

Look how I am adored!

Over the next three hours, the model tried on a series of garments that Lagerfeld had spent the previous six weeks conceiving: embroidered tweed skirt suits, tulle dresses festooned with camellias, and skintight flannel-Lycra pants. Each garment provoked swooning cries from his retinue:

“Oooo, la, Karl!”

“Trés jolie!”


Lagerfeld accepted the praise with a shrug. “I do my job like I breathe,” he said, in his customary manner” rapid, declamatory speech made more emphatic by a heavy German accent. “So if I can’t breathe I’m in trouble!”

And I can always breathe, Meine Lieblings.

Here is a photograph which accompanied the article!

I am the supreme man of action, and this photo catches my essence well, no?

14 Responses to “Karl in the New Yorker!”

  1. pbird Says:

    AYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Indeed. Even though I know you are celebrating the April 1, you must stop!

  2. crabby Says:

    *faints dead away at the foolery*

  3. Elvira Says:

    Manolo, when I first saw that picture, I hoped you would find it and use it to your best advantage. And that you have!

  4. Gorgeous Things Says:

    I love the quote that accompanies the photo in the New Yawker:
    Lagerfeld cautions, before giving a tour of his house, �You will think I�m a madman.�

    If you say so, Karl!

  5. meg Says:

    fabulously brilliant.

  6. kim Says:

    Laugh out loud (really loud) funny. I forgot what day it was.

  7. AndyShoes Says:

    My heart!! My eyes!! I actually gasped out loud and chewed on my thumb as I frantically scrolled through the blog – until I remembered what day it was.

    Barvo, Manolo!! Even though the 3-headed Karl is almost too scary for words.

  8. gemdiva Says:

    OMG! What a fright. I, too forgot it was the day of the April Fools. What a most excellent joke the Manolo has played on all of his Internet friends. By the way, does not the Lagerfeld replenish his oxygen supply by sucking the breath from the tiny babies left unattended in their cradles?

  9. Toby Wollin Says:

    Can anyone explain to me what costume Le Karl insists on garbing himself in? The fingerless gloves..that starched collar (instead of a neck brace perhaps – to keep his head from falling over?), the sun glasses, the tres chic little white ponytail? I supposed if you pay your staff enough to fawn over you, it all works out, but this is just … sad.

  10. Sharona Says:

    I have seen this pose before?? … HAH! It is the return of the Lagerzilla!

    Happy April Fool’s Day, Manolo! And Toby, methinks the collar is merely the foil for the neckbrace which lay underneathe…

  11. Cynthis Says:

    wow, i see a LOT of changes here,
    i’m not sure if for bad or good, but if there has to be changes, lagerfelt is always a good option!

    good luck with him

  12. eowyn_2 Says:

    Can no one see that Lagerfeld is bipolar, currently in a manic phase? It will be interesting when he falls into the depths of depression and the ballooning waistline again.

    Someone should start slipping him Seroquel in his Coke Zeros.

  13. queen knobtweekaaaah! Says:

    this makes me very happy

  14. Laura K Says:

    Welcome Back, Karl!

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