Don’t Go There, Rachel Hunter!

Kirstie Alley territory!

Manolo says, Warning! It is the long road back from the land of the Kirstie Alley.


Though I Never Laid A Hand on You

So close, so close and yet so far

Manolo says, my eyes adored you.


The Selma Blair is Insane

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has sent him this quote from the Selma Blair.

Selma Blair grabbed fashion king Karl Lagerfeld’s manhood when she first met him.

The stunning actress, who is married to Ahmet Zappa, was so impressed with Lagerfeld’s physique that she couldn’t resist having a feel.

She said: “He’s got quite a boyish body and you can see every inch of his boyhood in his pants, which are very tight. I think I touched it the first time I met him in my house; I couldn’t help myself. It’s just longing to be held.”

Manolo says, just thinking about this it has caused the Manolo’s gorge to rise in his throat. It is nausea making.


Achievable Body Types

Pudgy? That's Not The Barrier to a career as a male model....in Hong Kong!

Manolo says, perhaps the Manolo he should move to the Hong Kong and become the male model. The standards there they do not appear prohibitively high.

The New First Lady of the Missouri

Manolo says, magnificent, no?

P.S. Manolo says, many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend, Tom of the Missouri.

The Compare and the Contrast

The Lips of Doom!

Manolo says, here is the tragic picture of the Donatella Versace.

The Donatella, she has everything. She designs the beautiful clothes, she is wealthy, she has maintained her figure in the excellent condition, and the dress she is wearing it is stunning, but the mania for the plastic surgery it has begun to turn her face into the grotesquerie.

Manolo says, yes, sometimes the plastic surgery it perhaps necessary, but the results to be strived for should be subtle and natural, a tiny nip here, a little tuck there.

For the comparison, look at our muse, the Miuccia.


Yes, the Miuccia, her face it is not traditionally beautiful, and undoubtedly she has had the tiny nip and the little tuck, but because she has not meddled with the basic structure of her very Italian, very handsome face, she is more compelling than the Donatella, who is fighting the process of the aging with the tooth and the nail and the collagen.

Manolo says, because the beauty it is found in the state of naturalness, the trick to aging with the grace is to work with the nature, not to try to overthrow it. Nothing it is more ridiculous and tragic than the woman of the advanced years who is attempting to look like the teenager. (viz. Cher, Cher, and Cher)




Manolo says, the Vince Neil asks, was it something I ate?