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David Beckham – Werewolf of London?

N.B. Guest post by Steven Cojocaru. Read more at Cojo’s blog CojoStyle.

David Beckham - Werewolf of London

Robert Pattinson is so yesterday, vampires are out and werewolves are in. Werewolves? Yes, when male stars are off-duty and are in scruffy mode, they are trimming their facial hair into shapes that scream werewolf. David Beckham is at the forefront of the trend, sporting a beard that lines his chiseled chin and grows like wild vines up to his sideburns – think Abraham Lincoln but butcher. Chase Crawford has also been working the look, but his face is so pretty, he ends up looking like Dakota Fanning with facial hair.

Dinner with Karl Lagerfeld

N.B. Guest post by Steven Cojocaru. Read more at Cojo’s blog CojoStyle.


Karl Lagerfeld, one of my biggest idols, arrived at a dinner for Ralph Lauren in Paris turned out in a dandy and dramatic look which I LOVE. The Chanel designer looks like the owner of a Parisian male escort service crossed with an Egyptian mummy. I can picture him going back to his tomb after the party, slipping into a fabulous duchess satin sleeping gown, and dealing with all the Pharaohs risen from the dead to beg him for a 30 percent discount at Chanel. Now remember these words from your fashion guru Cojo: There is Chanel and then everything else. To own a Chanel quilted bag is like having your cherry popped. I recommend turning tricks or stealing Sudafed and starting a meth lab so you can buy one.

Nicole Scherzinger Needs a New Pussycat

N.B. Guest post by Steven Cojocaru. Read more at Cojo’s blog CojoStyle.


Oh no pussycat, not the boots and dress hooker look? Please tell me it’s a mirage my darling Nicole Scherzinger, you are too much of a goddess to wear these meager threads. Nicole, your supple, sensuous body should be wrapped in the finest silks and you should be worshipped by a dozen well-oiled sex slaves (oh no, I sound like Bruno). I am totally rooting (and texting) for you on DWTS. PS. Tell the show’s producers I will only do the show if I can dance with Derek!! xo Cojo

Jessica Simpson Needs a Fashion Intervention

N.B. Guest post by Steven Cojocaru. Read more at Cojo’s blog CojoStyle.


Jessica: no, no, no, no, no!!! Forget Ken Paves, I’m the one who tosses and turns in my California King bed all night thinking about how to ‘save’ you from yourself. You know my family once tried to ‘change me’ and sent me to Outer Mongolia to live with monks. I turned quite a few monks over to my fab team, but that’s a different story. I have found some adorable gay monks who will take you in and burn that ill-fitting boob-spilling, optical illusion dress. That dress shouldn’t be worn hon, it should be framed. Much love, Cojo

Gwen Stefani’s Sex Kitten Gone Wrong Look

N.B. Guest post by Steven Cojocaru. Read more at Cojo’s blog CojoStyle.

Gwen Stefant at Conde Nast Party

I get so completely crushed when one of my fashion faves fails, I can barely muster up the strength to flatiron my gorgeous hair (but somehow I do). So you can imagine the meltdown I’m having seeing my glorious Gwen Stefani in such a catastrophic outfit. I’m not feeling the cheesy bra and see-through top mix, or the rest of the labored sex kitten head-to-toe black get-up. Stefani looks to me like a pallbearer at a Playmate of the Year’s funeral.

PS. Gwen’s completely plain ‘let’s go bowling’ shoes are making me have to breathe into a brown paper bag.

Special Guest Blogger: Cojo!!

Manolo says, the Manolo is nearly hyperventilating with excitement to announce that this week’s special guest blogger will be the sassy, super fantastic, superstar of the red carpet interviews, Steven Cojocaru, better known as Cojo!

The Manolo has long been the fan of the Cojo, not just because he is hilariously funny and warm, but also because he is perhaps one of the most perceptive fashion advisers and critics of the past decade, and now, to add to his lengthy list of achievements, he is blogging up some of the sharpest and wittiest celebrity commentary on the intertubes.

And so all week long the Manolo and the Cojo will be posting on each others blogs, so you must visit frequently, as it is certain to be much fun.