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Manolo the Pamphleteer

Manolo says, here is the podcast from the Pajamas Media.

About three-quarters of the way through the podcast you will hear the Manolo mentioned. Why? Because he is is writing the pamphlet for the New Pamphleteers, which is headed by the Manolo’s internet friend, the Adam Bellow.

The pamphlet shall be entitled “The Consolation of the Shoes” and it shall appear in perhaps three weeks or so.

Shoe Are You?

Manolo says, the Manolo’s close internet friend the super fantastic Miss Meghan has recently begun the new feature at her webite entitled Shoe Are You?, which are the interviews with the celebrities about the shoes.

This week, her interview is with the Manolo the Shoeblogger, himself, and includes, appropriately enough, details about The Manolo’s First Kiss.

You must go read this now.

The Book of the Manolo

Manolo says, for the past few weeks, since the start of the new year, the Manolo the Shoeblogger has been feverishly writing away at his autobiography.

Now, after this burst of activity, the Manolo is most happy to announce that he has reached the 120 page mark, and that his agent tells him that he is ready to take this brief sample of the Manolo’s magnus opus to the publishers, so that they may judge its literary worth in the markeplace.

Yes, 120 pages sounds like the large portion, but at the rate the Manolo is going, he expects this work to be in excess of 400 pages.

Thus far, at 120 pages, he has only told the story of his early childhood through the point at which he survives the winter as the homeless street urchin, who lives in the Parque del Buen Retiro, shining the shoes on the Paseo de Recelotes for the spare change. (Those who have seen portions of the work suggest that it somewhat Dickensian.)

So, please, keep your fingers crossed for the Manolo as his book-to-be enters this next stage of its existence.

Manolo’s Final Resting Place?

Manolo says, Perhaps this is where the Manolo shall spend eternity.

P.S. Many thanks to the Dr. Nic for alerting the Manolo to this.

Manolo in the French Vogue

Manolo says, the Manolo and many of his fashion blogging internet friends they have been profiled in the online version of the French Vogue, under the headline, Blogs de Mode.

Here is the link to the section with the Manolo.


“Mais qui est le Manolo?” Manolo le Shoeblogger est un individu modeste qui adore les chaussures. Il est plus grand que vous ne l’imaginez, il a plus de cheveux que vous ne le pensez et il est bien mieux éduqué que vous ne le croyez. C’est un flâneur appliqué qui adore se promener dans les rues des grandes villes, s’asseoir aux terrasses, échanger des gossips aves ses amis en sirotant des cappuccinos et des Campari. La mode et la culture pop sont ses sujets favoris, et bien qu’il soit versé dans des sujets plus profonds, il est fier d’être superficiel.

Relation à la mode:

“Une relation? Manolo se considère comme le plu juene rejeton de la mode, ce qui l’emplit de désir et de fierté. Professional est un mot trop froid pour décrire l’histoire d’amour que Manolo entretient avec le ‘mileu”. En retour, qui, il est invité aux défilés.

Manolo in the British Vogue

Manolo says, as the Manolo mentioned below, the Manolo’s internet friend the Linda Grant, who is the serious writer of no small ability, has written the article in the UK edition of the Vogue about her discovery of the fashion blogs, the article in which the Manolo’s humble shoe blog is talked about in the most flattering manner possible. Needless to say, the Manolo is most grateful to the Linda for her kind treatment of his ridiculous blog.

For the Manolo, however, there is one sentence that leaps out as being excatly correct, and explains why the Manolo is himself such the great fan of the blogs.

The delicious pleasure of the fashion blogs, I found, is that they can introduce you to interesting personalities; people who by rights ought to have their own newspaper columns.

This it is so perfectly true!

The Manolo reads the blogs primarily because he finds certain bloggers to be such fantastically interesting and quirky peoples.

Yes, there are many, many boring blogs that are not worth the second reading, but when one discovers the new writer who is sharp and has the unusual and amusing point of the view one becomes addicted, and returns to the site over and over again waiting for the new material to appear.

These talented bloggers can write about any topic and the Manolo would read them, that they would write about the fashion is just the extra fancy cherry frosting on top of the cake.

The Manolo has attached the scanned copy of the article so that those of his internet friends who do not live in the UK may read this article for themselves.

Manolo the First Fashion Blogger?

Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friend the wonderfully talented Linda Grant she has written the most flattering things about the Manolo and the fashion blogs in this month’s issue of the British version of the Vogue.

However, the Manolo must take the pains to clarify this passage.

…I was at the site of Manolo. Not Manolo Blahnik, but his namesake, an anonymous New Yorker who knows everything about shoes.

It was my first and indeed the first fashion blog- the prototype from which all others struggle to keep up. Clicking on I found that there were thousands of people across the world nattering about fashion

Ayyyyy! The Manolo has never claimed to be the first fashion blogger, indeed the Manolo has only claimed to be the first shoe blogger, and perhaps, if pressed, the first person to have the blog about the ladies accessories.

Indeed, when the Manolo began his humble shoe blog in October of the 2004, there were already several blogs which focused on the fashion, and in particular there were four of these early fashion blogs which influenced the Manolo’s decision to take up the fashion blogging:

No Good For Me. The blogger Kat perhaps deserves the credit as the first of the fashion blogs, having started in May of the 2003. The Manolo was reading this blog in the summer of the 2004 and found it to be most charming and fun, especially the Kat’s personal musings about her fashion choices.

My Fashion Life. Another blog from the middle of the 2003, the Manolo remembers reading this blog in the fall of 2004 and being impressed by how it was the first blog which treated the fashion news in the way that the political bloggers treated the world news, criticizing and challenging the orthodoxy of the fashion press.

Primp. Now sadly mostly defunct, the Primp was one of the regular readings of the Manolo back in the day.

Give Me Spirit Fingers Dammit. The Manolo has made no secret of the fact that he is the huge fan of the blogger Spirit Fingers. She is so smart, and so hilariously funny, and she has the sharpest eye for the absurd the Manolo has ever encountered. Not only is she perhaps the best uknown blogger in the world, and deserves to be famous, but she is also the most directly influential on the Manolo of the early fashion bloggers.

The Manolo wishes he could go back and recreate the liberating feelings he experienced when he first discovered these early fashion blogs. Here were the smart young people who were taking the fashion seriously, and who did not have the obligations of the professional fashion press to be nice to the advertisers!

Who knew such things were possible? Who knew that you could post your opinions and musing about the fashion and the awful celebrities who abuse it, and have the people read them? Such joy of discovery!

So, the Manolo wishes you to know that he was not the first fashion blogger. The first shoe blogger, yes, as far as he knows. The first fashion blogger? No.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Manolo says, today as the Manolo gathers with his friends and family to give heartfelt thanks for the true blessings that Divine Providence has bestowed upon him, you may be assured, dearest internet friends, that you will be counted among the foremost of these blessings.

Manolo in the Antipodes

Manolo says, once again the Australian newspaper has quoted the Manolo.

FASHION blogs are giving weary shoppers the chance to offer their candid takes on the dreary 07 spring/summer collections with the click of a mouse.

“I hate those turban-wannabes on the models’ heads, I hate the tribal-looking dresses and a lot of the colourful tops with geometric shapes just remind me of collections from many seasons back,” reads a recent Prada review on fashion blog, Iamfashion.blogspot.com.

Meanwhile, Manolo the Shoe Blogger (www.shoeblogs.com) is willing the Croc craze to “go away” while Birkenstocks rate even lower: “Put together by the blind medieval monks for wear by the peasants in the mud.”

These observations are among the vast number of style blogs continuing to explode on the internet. Sharing their passion for fashion, bloggers are free to love or loathe, and write all about it.

Manolo in the Women’s Wear Daily

Manolo in the Women's Wear Daily!   Click!
Manolo says, the Manolo he forgot to tell you that he was recently mentioned in the Women’s Wear Daily as being one of the top accessories blogs. Also mentioned were the Manolo’s good friends at the Bag Snob, and the Kristopher Dukes, and the Bling Blog.

Required Reading

Manolo says, on the syllabus for this week, Manolo!

Happy Birthday!!!

Manolo shouts,

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to the Manolo’s Shoe Blog!!!!

Two years ago exactly today, the Manolo invented the shoe blog.

It was from the beginning, the intention of the Manolo to share with the world his love of the shoes, and the fashion, and the fun. And he has succeeded in this beyond his imagination, as he now has many thousands of internet friends who each day visit the shoe blog of the Manolo.

But it is not only the shoe blog of which the Manolo is proud. Indeed the Manolo is also filled with pride for his small network of blogs, and especially for the quality of the other writers who blog for him.

It is beyond argument that there are few bloggers anywhere who are as consistently funny, or write as well as Never teh Bride at the Manolo for the Brides, Izzy Gallant at the Manolo for the Men, or Mr. Henry at the Manolo’s Food Blog. If you are not reading these blogs you are missing some of the strongest writing on the internets.

What now lies ahead for the Manolo and his blogs?

There are things yet coming, dear friends, that will astound and amuse you.

Soon there will certainly be talk of the autobiography of the Manolo, Super Fantastic, the first chapters of which, after much delay, are now almost ready to be presented to the publishers.

Also, as you have perhaps noticed, the Manolo has already been writing his weekly column for the Express of the Washington Post, and the occasional pieces for the Politics Central, but it is likely that in the next month or two there will be other places where you may read the musings of the Manolo.

Of the course, the Manolo will always and forever be here at his first love, his humble shoe blog, showing his friends the pictures of the beautiful shoes, gently mocking the celebrities, and offering his advice to those in need.

Finally, and most importantly, the Manolo must thank you, his internet friends, for your attention, for your generosity, and above all for the love you have shown the Manolo. He is truly grateful for all that you have done for him.

Yes, Manolo loves the shoes, but it is doubly true that Manolo loves the readers!

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