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Alexander McQueen | Manolo's Shoe Blog - Part 2
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Think Green McQueen

Manolo says, for some reason the Manolo woke up this morning thinking about the green colored shoes, and how difficult they are to wear properly.

For the example, here are the beautiful Alexander McQueen peep-toe pumps in the lovely green color.
Alexander McQueen Peep-Toe Pumps   Manolo Likes!  Click!

The possibilities for these marvelous shoes must be quite limited, indeed, they are perhaps wearable only with the cream or gold colored gown.

Maybe the Manolo should revive the “Build the Outfit” game, as the Manolo would be very interested in seeing what his internet friends could devise for these.

God Save the Alexander McQueen

Manolo says, we mean it man. We love our McQueen!

Nice Hat

Manolo says, you have to admire the model’s ability to keep the straight face.

The Butterflies of Alexander McQueen

Manolo says, this is what you get when you use too much honeysuckle nectar shampoo.

Alexander McQueen, Fashion Scout

Manolo says, Umm, Excuse me Ms. Crabapple. MS. CRABAPPLE! I have to go number one!

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