The Fate of the Platforms

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

Hey Manolo,

Just want to preface that I absolutely love your fashion blog (but I bet you hear that all the time)! But anyway, as I was perusing the latest issue of Vogue, I ran into a little article about how platforms are coming to an end ( A New Altitude p352). Is this true? Will my 5′ 3/4″ frame never again surpass the average height for women?

What are you thoughts?


Fresh from the internets this very morning, the Manolo gives you the John Galliano’s Fall 2007 ready-to-wear collection from the Dior.

Yes, the platforms they are not completely yet out.

Although, to judge from the height and the color and the excessive strappiness we have moved from the restrained and classical period of the platforms into the final decadant period before they leave the scene for the few years. You have until perhaps the end of the year to enjoy them.

The Manolo has spoken.



Manolo says, be still the Manolo’s beating heart, for it is yet another visit from the Manolo’s favorite funky little fashion troll, and he has arrived bearing the post-apocalyptic fashion treats!

In both cases, it is the man purse that makes it work.

“Galliano says, Admit it, big boy, you want what Galliano has.”


Pigeon-Toed, Double-Breasted, Shirtless Pimpin’

Manolo says, for some reason, this picture makes the Manolo sad.


To Infinity and Beyond!

Manolo shouts, Galliano!!!!!

P.S. Of the course, in the absense of the Manolo, the Izzy had already made the hilarious comment.

From the Party of the Year

Manolo says, behold, scenes from the carpet of red at the opening of latest show of Museum of Metropolitan Art’s Costume Institute.

Galliano! With the Charlize! And the blondy shaggy poodle doo!

Apparently, in many states the beastility is not illegal.

Darth Talley and his evil consort

Il maestro di tutti maestri.

A Dog Party!

Manolo says, And now do you like my hat?


The Many Faces of Galliano!

Big Chief Super Seductive

Manolo says, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

P.S. Nothing cheers the Manolo like the visit from the funky little fashion troll Galliano!

P.P.S. Many thanks to the super smart Almost the Girl, who needs to learn that the paragraph break it is the readers’ friend.


The Many Faces of Galliano!

You are looking at me, am I not magnificent and seductive?

Now I will look back… Full Seduction!

At last, I am filled with disdain for you and your looking ways. Yet, is my disdain, in its own right, not also seductive?

P.S. Manolo says, nothing cheers the Manolo like the visit from the funky little fashion troll, John Galliano.


Manolo says, nothing makes the Manolo smile like the visit from the funky little fashion troll, John Galliano.

Yes, the Manolo he likes to poke the gentle fun at the Galliano himself, yet at the same of the time, the Manolo he must confess that there is in some of the creations of the Galliano the ridiculous, ethereal, unwearable beauty.

For the example.

Ridiculous! Beautiful!

It is ridiculous! It is beautiful! It is Galliano!

The Manolo he is so confused.

Pucker Up, Penelope

The Penelope Cruz being mugged by the Gangster of Love

Manolo says, John Galliano, the Gangster of Love.

Napoleon XIV

Manolo says, here on the top you see, with the beautiful Eva Herzigova, the freaky little fashion troll John Galliano.

There on the bottom, you see the Mr. Galliano in the more formal attire.

By the way, this it confirms the Manolo’s premise that, in the general, the designing of the fashion, it appeals most to those who are themselves not possessed of the physical beauty.