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From the Bawdy Houses of the Outback

Manolo says, this it is enough to drive the lonesome cowboy back to the cattle.

Elton’s Closet

The Used Shoes of Elton John

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyy! The little peoples, they will have the chance to the buy the Elton John’s hand-me-downs!

GARAGE SALE: Elton John and hubby David Furnish are cleaning out their closets for charity. Elton’s Closet is a massive five-day public sale of clothing and accessories from his personal wardrobe. The makeshift store will be open to the public on the concourse level of Rockefeller Center today through Saturday. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Yes, it is for the good cause, but judging from the flippity-floppitys on the display here , you would have to be the person of the “special” taste to wear the shoes that had previously been on the body of Elton John.

Toaster Helmet Fever!

Manolo says, from the American Digest comes news of the retrospective of one of the hottest fashion trends of the last half of the century…Toaster Helmets!

A magnificent fashion show recreates the colourful history of the toasterhelmet on the catwalk, starting with the early experimental and functional helmets, going through the extravagant models of the 60s and ending with the well known designhelmets of the past decade. As a special feature young and promising designers show their latest creations. Not to be missed for fashionwatchers and others who want to meet the trend for this summer!

Fashion Trends from Russia

Manolo says, it is again time for the Russian Fashion Week, words that should strike fear into the heart of the right-thinking peoples everywhere.

Mostly when the Manolo thinks of the fashion from the the Russia he thinks of this…

The artificially inflated Russian mafia gun molls wearing the bling-bling decollete of dubious taste.

The Manolo he does not think of this…

…or this…

Even the Manolo, normally the person of facility with the words, he is at the loss to describe, although perhaps the deranged, post-modern hobbit comes the closest.

Likewise, the Manolo can simply note that these bizarre cloth appendages, they are some sort of the trend in the fashions of Russia, for the example, look at this Russian collection from the last fall.


Manolo says, It is cheating if you strap the book to your head.

Run, Emma Watson, Run!

Manolo says, with that outfit the Manolo would run too, but away from the camera.

The Walk of Shame

Manolo says, someone was in the hurry this morning.

The Awards of the Academy

Manolo says, once again it is time for the Manolo’s ritual denunciation of the stars of the Hollywood who have made the spectacle of themselves during the most celebrated day of the cinematic year, the day of the Awards of the Academy!

This year the theme for the clothing it was somber indeed, as the blacks, and the deep blues, and rich burgandies predominated in the auditorium of the Kodak Theater. There were the exceptions, such as the luminous Resses Witherspoon in her most luxurious metallic gown, but in the general it was the evening of darkness.

And, then there were these people whom the Manolo spotted both on the carpet of red and in the parties after the ceremony itself.

For the example when the Manolo saw this picture from the after party…

He could not help but think of this historic tableau…

or perhaps this…

There were others who also deserved the Manolo’s attention.

For the example, Dolly Parton with the new biceps.

The Emperor of Ugly in the Turandot costume

The posture here it says to the Manolo, Get this over with, I have lines to chop.

Oh how the Manolo was wishing for the murder-suicide pact.

Mmmmm, very classy, the salwar kameez with decollete.


Manolo says, we are not amused.


Manolo says, many years ago, when the Manolo was the poor boy, he constructed something similar, but vastly more super fantastic, out of the strips of the old leather and the industrial debris he had found at the abandoned furniture factory.

Of the course, the main difference was that the Manolo’s shoe fit properly.

Scenes from the Dystopian Future

Manolo says, Honey, I’m off to the ice cream social!

Don’t forget to trim around the sidewalk before you go, Pixie-Goth Lawn Boy.

The Fashion Sinkhole

Manolo says, this story it is not the surprise to the Manolo.

If any discipline at the Winter Olympics had the potential to provide a platform from which to showcase the marriage of high style and high function, it would seem to be figure skating. Yet the glossy ice pond in Turin is a fashion sinkhole, as even the occupationally chirpy talking heads are aware. “Figure skating can have some pretty frightening costumes,” Sandra Bezic, a skating commentator on NBC’s team at Turino, said Tuesday night.

The problem is not the proliferation of “illusion” effects, in which parts are cut from costumes to suggest nakedness, the transparent sections replaced with tan Lycra. It is not that the costumers seem to have staggered off a Mardi Gras parade. It is not that a plague of two-tone or tone-on-tone velvets or random zippers or Chippendale’s tear-away effects or even rhinestones applied in shotgun pattern to every surface has swept the ice rinks. It is not even that bad is so opulently “Showgirls” bad that it can be read as ironic, hence “good.”

The problem is worse. It is that the kitsch that extends to everything from the grim expressionist ballet in the opening ceremony to the Old Glory bandannas to the fieldstone fireplace lighted with licking plastic flames on the NBC set has infiltrated consciousness so fully that it has become a denominator, the one authentically democratic aspect of the Games.

Of the course, the fans of the Project Runway know that the designing the costume for the skating it is not easy. Especially since the ice skating it is so elegant.

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