The Big Parade

Manolo shouts, Hasselhoff! And he has won the blue ribbon!


The Hoffice

Manolo says, why did someone not tell the Manolo about this sooner!

It is wonderful, and now the Manolo’s internet experience it has just gotten much, much better.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s Aussie friend the Kiki, for sending him the link to this fascinating article about the magnificent Hasselhoff in the Australia…with the picture!


The Greatest Living Male of the Species

Manolo says, #100? Below the Ricky Gervais and the Woody Harrelson? This rankings it must be inverted.


Hoff Lovers Anonymous

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyy! This site, it is the pure genius!


The Private Airplane of the Hasselhoff!

Manolo says, like the Manolo, you too can own your own private airplane of the Hasselhoff!

P.S. Many thanks to the many internet friends who emailed the Manolo with this most delightful link.


Hasselhoff at the Honeymooners!


Manolo shouts, Hasselhoff!


Comfortable in His Celebrity

Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friend the Catherine she has reported back to the Manolo about her evening in the presence of the greatness.

The charity event was a great success.

David Hasselhoff could not have been more gracious and giving to the charity (Make-A-Wish). He spent much time talking with people, posing for pictures (like the one I’ve sent you….the one with he and I came out very blurry…the woman taking the photo for me was smashed!). He whipped up enthusiasm for the auction and I can’t tell you how impressed I was with his graciousness and unselfish behavior. Definitely not the usual asshole-ish behavior I’ve seen by other “celebrities” at these events. He looked very good, his wife was equally gracious and he helped our organization raise much more money than we could have without him there.

So, my shoe is off to him! Super fantastic!

Manolo says, super fantastic indeed!

Look here is the picture of the mighty Hasselhoff that the Catherine she has sent to the Manolo.
The Charitable Hasselhoff!
Manolo says, the Manolo he was glad to have been able to help prepare his friend meet this most very important and most very super fantastic person.


The Idol of America

Manolo says, many of the Manolo’s internet friends have written the Manolo asking if he had watched the super grande finale of the American Idol. No, sadly, the Manolo he did not watch this, as he has the well-known intolerence for the “singers” who specialize in beating the songs into submission with their off-key yelping and grotesque emoting.

Normally, the not watching of the American Idol, it would not be considered the loss, however, the many friends of the Manolo report that the great one himself, the David Hasselhoff, International Star of the Year, strode through the audience like the modern Zeus.

If only the Manolo he had known!

All the Manolo can say is that the Hasselhoff he is is comfortable in his celebrity.


International Star of the Year!

Manolo shouts, Finally!!!

India’s movie industry handed out its version of the Oscars on Saturday at the Bollywood Movie Awards, which saw a veteran director take top honors and a U.S. actor best known for “Baywatch” named international star of the year.



Though an array of stars including former Miss India Lara Dutta entertained the crowd, Hasselhoff provoked some of the night’s biggest cheers when he picked up his statuette.

The Bollywood awards — which resemble a slim-line Oscar holding what could be a torch or a bunch of flowers — are chosen according to a popular vote by fans.

“Baywatch” and “Knight Rider,” in which Hasselhoff co-starred with a car named Kit, may raise sniggers from highbrow critics at home but they are still going strong in India, and the actor said he had much in common with the escapism of Bollywood.

“I’m proud of shows like Baywatch and Knight Rider because it’s about saving lives, not taking lives,” he told Reuters.

“It’s entertainment, it’s tongue in cheek, it brings the world together,” he said, adding that the entertainment industry was a powerful force for good in the world.

“I think it’s responsible for a lot of world peace,” Hasselhoff said, adding that he was hoping to work in India soon on a project based on a series of romantic novels.

“I never knew exactly how to get there. Now I’ve got this (award) it’s like my key to India,” he said.

Manolo says, this it has made the Manolo so happy he is virtually speechless.

(Many, many thanks to the many, many people who emailed the Manolo with this most happy-making story.)


The Hasselhoff Trenchcoat!

Manolo shouts, Hasselhoff! In the black leather trenchcoat!

And, as the special bonus, the story about the Hasselhoff and the Mrs. Hasselhoff snogging in the public!

David Hasselhoff and his loving wife gave a very public show of their love with a nauseating game of tonsil tennis at a celebrity bash in LA.The Hoff and missus Pamela arrived at the Race To Erase MS gala – before a sloppy, soggy impromptu snog in front of the paparazzi.The couple – wearing ‘classy’ matching black leather outfits – were all over each other like a couple of lovestruck teenagers before heading into the Century Plaza Hotel.

Yes, it is true, the Hasselhoff he is very much the romantic.



Hasselhoff!    Mrs. Hasselhoff!

Manolo shouts, Hasselhoff! And Mrs. Hasselhoff!

Yes, the Mrs. Hasselhoff, she is the very good-looking woman. But is the Hasselhoff not preternaturally handsome?

Like one of the Greek gods; maybe the beardless Neptune, god of the briny deep, or perhaps, more appropriately, the Adonis


Tidal Dave

Manolo says, the Manolo he must thanks his internet friend the Loulou-Inez for this most wonderful link.