That Guy or the Diamonds?

Manolo says, the Manolo’s shoe-obsessed friend Wayne poses the qustion.

Since you happen to have a well-read blog by American women, I have a question I’d like to put to your readers:

If you’ve looked at TV the past few weeks, there’s a commercial running for a jewelry store (yes, it’s THAT time of the season) where a man is painting his wife’s/girlfriend’s/fiancee’s toenails, and asks (I can’t quote the ad verbatim), “How do they look?”…His woman replies, “They look fine”, to which he answers, “I think they need another coat.” A voiceover says, “Because you’re not THAT GUY, there’s Helzberg Diamonds.”

QUESTION: Would a woman rather have THAT GUY, or the diamonds?

And here, through the magic of YouTube is the commercial in question…

So, dear readers, satisfy the Wayne’s (and the Manolo’s) curiosity: That guy or the diamonds?


Manolo’s Holiday DVDs

Manolo says, many of the Manolo’s internet friends have been saying to the Manolo, “Manolo, you are the man of great taste, culture, and wit, please to recommend for us the suitable gifts for the holiday season.”

And so the Manolo has heard the cries and will now give you his five favorite DVDs for gift giving purposes.

The Funniest Television Show Ever

The Flight of the Conchords

Finding the Flight of the Conchords is like finding the perfect little absurdist world, where everything, every detail, every musical note, every facial expression is not only hilarious, but hilariously true. You know that this is how the world is for some peoples, principally, naive Kiwi sort-of-hipsters trying to make the go of it in New York. Yes, the interactions between the characters is funny, but it is the dead-perfect song parodies that make this something you will watch repeatedly.

The Best Movie of 2007

Ratatouille is not merely wonderfully funny, it also has profound things to say about art, artists, and critics, but does so lightly, in the best way possible. The writing is perfect, the comic timing is deft, and the animation amuses. The Manolo cannot recommend this movie highly enough.

The Most Uncompromisingly Funny Television Show Ever
Absolutely Fabulous

Undoubtedly, Absolutely Fabulous is the most uncomfortably, hilariously funny television show ever made about the topics of aging, boozing, unpleasant sex, bad plastic surgery, and the uncompromising demands of fashion. Also, undoubtedly, this series could not be made today, as the neopuritan impulses of the new millennium have decreed that such things are no longer supposed to be funny. But they are. Get it before it is outlawed.



Love is Like a Roll of Tape

The Bret and Jemaine say, It’s real good for making two things one
But just like that roll of tape
Love sometimes breaks off before you were done.


Space Couture, Part 2

Manolo says, perhaps in the future, humans will not even have to worry about clothing.


And Maybe Later

Bret says, We’ll get hot by the refrigerator.


You Could Be a Part-Time Model

Jemaine says, but you’d probably still have to keep your normal job.

What the Manolo is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…


Listening to…


It is now official, the Manolo’s new favorite television show is The Flight of the Conchords. It is delightfully absurd, and the music is quite good.

Of course, you must judge for yourself, as this excerpt below is perhaps the funniest thing the Manolo has seen all year.


The Bachelorette (Size 4, 116 Pounds) is Fat!

Manolo says, Glinda at the Teeny Manolo reads the Us Weekly Magazine so that we do not have to.Trista Sutter is Fat!

E-list “celebrity” Trista Sutter (the Bachelorette, just to remind anyone who may have watched the show) is on a mission to lose weight. You see, only three months ago, she became a mother. But according to her, “I’m definitely not pleased when I look in the mirror.” Trista, weighing in at a whopping 116 pounds and size four, wants to lose that pesky baby weight, stat!

In an interview with US Magazine, Trista reveals how she especially dislikes

my belly. It has a layer of fat, which, of course, your body has to put on, but it’s blubbery and I hate it. I want to be able to go bathing suit shopping for a vacation and not feel totally disgusted… I just don’t feel good in a lot of my clothes.

Trista, Trista. Can I sit down with you for a second? We need to have a conversation. Go ahead and get comfy, because this might take a while.

Naturally, Glinda attempts to set her straight.

Meanwhile, at the Manolo for the Big Girl, Plumcake takes the more practical approach.


The More Innocent Time

Manolo says, the Manolo remembers when this was considered quite scandalous.

P.S. From the Manolo’s internet friend Wendy.


The Algorithm March with Ninjas

Manolo says, this is simply delightful!


The Reforms of Vatican III

Manolo says, the Manolo has watched this many times and he still laughs each time.


The Eurovision Song Contest Must Be Outlawed, Part 2

Manolo, yes, the Eurovision includes the divine Miss Verka Seduchka, but this does not obviate the fact that the contest is still the blight upon the long-suffering peoples of Europe.

Here are yet more reasons to outlaw, on the grounds of public mental health, the Eurovision.

Would it surprise you to learn this is the French entry?

Singing Slovenian rag bags.

The Norwegians and their golden camel toe.

Georgian sword yodelling.

Please, Polish peoples, keep the hands in sight at all times.