The Project Runway 2, Week 2

Manolo says, how quickly does it take for the Manolo to be proven as horribly incorrect? One week.

Manolo finds the Raymundo’s East Los Angeles pachuco gay boy way to be charming. And to the mind of the Manolo, he is one of the few who has his own fashion vision, or at least one that is worth paying attention to. If the Manolo could pick the longshot to win, it would be the Raymundo.

Oy gevelt, the Manolo he still loves the little flamboyant Raymundo, but the outfit he made for the Barbie it was beyond awful, the sort of thing that would be produced by the worst student in the Home Ec class at the reform school.

Sadly, the Raymundo, he deserved to be ejected from the show.

Also, the Manolo he now pities the poor Santino, to be posessed of such obvious talent, but to be so insecure and childish about it, and to be so nasty about the deficiencies of others. This it is not easy for the Manolo to watch.

The Santino he must be humbled if he is to win. Perhaps the omniscient Tim Gunn, he can take the Santino to the woodshed, as he did this week with the ridiculous Andraeea ae? ea? eea? aaee?

The Manolo he must now also apologize to the Nick for judging him so harshly last week. He has turned out to be more pleasant than not, and he is very good designer.

As for the rest of this motley pack, the Manolo he stands by his judgement of the previous week.

Of the course, the real question, it is why has no one yet given the Tim Gunn his own television show?

Did the Manolo say show?


The Tim Gunn Network! All Tim, All The Time! And charge for it as the premium channel, like the HBO.

All Hail the Tim Gunn!

Tim Gunn, Our Hero

Manolo says, after the reading of this article, the Manolo he is officially worshiping at the altar of the Tim Gunn.

Gunn is happy that the show has pulled back the curtain to expose style’s nitty-gritty side. “Everyone thinks fashion is glamorous, you sit at the end of the runway and you accept a bouquet of roses at the end of a show,” he says.

“Fashion designers need to think on their feet, problem solve at the drop of a hat, be able to use whatever resources they have available to them to make whatever it is work. They have to understand who their audience is, what their design philosophy is.”

As always, the oracular voice of calm sanity at the center of the fashion storm.

By the way, this it is exactly the point the Manolo has made on many of the occasions in the past, that the fashion designing it takes talent, training, and much hard work, and that not every Gwen, Serena, Carlos, and J-Lo celebrity designer takes it into account that there is more to the fashion design than merely liking the clothes.

Blogging the Project Runway

Manolo says, the Laura K. (one of the runners up in the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Essay Contest) she has the entire blog devoted to the Project Runway!

Project Runway 2

Manolo says, the Manolo he is indeed most happy that the Project Runway it has returned for the second season. Mainly because it means many more weekly visits from the super fantastic Tim Gunn.

Last night the Bravo they showed the two hours worth of the Project Runway, starting off by sending the chubby boy and the poor Alabama girl home almost immediately for the crime of producing the luster lacking dresses.

Then it was the challenge for the designers to be to transmorgify the mostly appalling clothes on their backs into the fashion outfits. And here the true personalities of the contestants they begin to emerge, and for the most part, like the rags they choose to dress themselves in, they are not pretty. At the end the was the former fashion model/swimwear designer/corporate lawyer Kristen who was to the curb kicked.

Here is the Manolo’s thumbnail assessement of each of the remaining contestants.

Chloe: She is this season’s Kara Saun. Cool, collected and very talented. She will last until the very end.

Andrae: Annoying, whiney, and histrionic, certainly annoying, whiney, very annoying. Did the Manolo mention annoying? His fashion vision, nothing special. Gone soon.

Daniel Franco: Poor Daniel, it was better for him to remain in the obscurity, than to return to certain rejection, and quickly.

Diana The brainiac, whom the Manolo finds adorable in that way that only the goofy intellectual nerd-girls can be. She too will be leaving the show soon, which it is too bad, because she is so cute and clueless and interesting in her way, which is not the way of fashion.

Emmett: Tall, dignified, well-dressed and talented. He will last until the end, or at least so the Manolo hopes, as he is the only one who knows how to dress himself in the becoming style.

Daniel V. He has the nice, pleasant way about him, and his clothes they are not bad. Sadly, having the nice personality it is not enough. If only he could become nasty he would have the chance to stay longer in the competition.

Guadalupe: What is there to say about the Lupe, but that she is the nut, but in the charming but badly dressed way. It is the middle of the pack for the Lupe.

Kara: She made the Manolo laugh, first at the retro street urchin outfit she designed and then by saying that her inspiration was the “Oliver Twist”. Trust the Manolo, your fashion inspiration it should never be the Oliver Twist. Still, there is something here.

Marla: Yes she is one of the few adults in this group, and seems to be very nice, but the clothes she is designing they are nothing to write to the home about.

Nick: Manolo votes Nick the contestant most likely to self destruct. He has some talent, but it is obscured by the somewhat overwrought personality. The Manolo’s advice for the Nick? Switch to the decaf, homeboy.

Zulema: She is sort of the black Wendy Pepper, only with less talent, and more aggression. Because she has the difficult personality, one that is sure to interact badly with the others, the producers they will keep her around longer then her talent merits.

Santino: Very talented, but he has the over inflated, grandiose sense of his own abilities, which it is not necessarily the detriment in the fashion. He will last for many weeks, pehaps until the very end.

Raymundo: Manolo finds the Raymundo’s East Los Angeles pachuco gay boy way to be charming. And to the mind of the Manolo, he is one of the few who has his own fashion vision, or at least one that is worth paying attention to. If the Manolo could pick the longshot to win, it would be the Raymundo.

So, for the Manolo the final four or five, they will be Chloe, Santino, Raymundo, Emmett, and possibly the Kara.

P.S. The Project Runway first season it is now available on the DVD!

Tim Gunn Interviews the Jay

Manolo says, from the Elle Magazine, here is the gentlemanly Tim Gunn interviewing the Jay McCarroll!

The first two design challenges established Jay’s point of view—funky, artsy, and edgy, with a splash of “f–k you” spice. But those challenges were not about real clothes. How would Jay perform when actual wearable clothes were the expectation?

The third challenge, to design a dress for Banana Republic, would tell all. Jay took a major leap by creating a dress I can only call exquisite—the silhouette, proportions, and construction details (including an homage to the Chrysler Building in the form of an accordion-pleated bodice) were extremely sophisticated. Although he didn’t win the challenge (the intricacy of his construction would have made production a serious price point issue), his confidence was significantly buoyed and it became obvious that he was a talent to be reckoned with.

You must read the whole thing if, like the Manolo, you were obsessed with the Project Runway.

The Jay

The Jay

Manolo says, look it is the Jay McCarroll!

The Manolo he loves the Jay! He is the wonderful, sweet, talented young man. However, like many of the designers who dress the others well, he does not know how to dress himself well.

Yes, he is doing better than the last we saw him when he had the caftans and crochets, however, the Manolo he would still love to give the Jay the over-making.

Tim Gunn, Gentleman

Manolo says, there is the good article about one of the Manolo’s new favorite peoples, the Tim Gunn, head of the fashion department at Parsons and one of the stars of the Project Runway.

As we made our way down the wide center staircase to the men’s department, we asked Gunn what he thought about the outcome of Project Runway and the fact that underdog Jay McCarroll beat out favorite Kara Saun.

“I was thrilled by it,” he said. “Jay needed to win that. Kara Saun is a fabulous designer and a wonderful person, but she is [already] very well grounded in Los Angeles; she has a customer base. We had to get Jay out of Lehman, Pennsylvania!”

But just as Gunn was not aware that Wendy Pepper was “a calculating sociopath” until he watched the finished episodes like the rest of us, he also had no inkling of McCarroll’s design chops until a few weeks into the taping.

“I thought he would be one of the first few off,” Gunn admitted. “I thought, how far can his personality take him? It really was not until the Banana Republic challenge that I thought, ‘Wow, this is a formidable talent to be reckoned with.'”

And McCaroll’s winning collection “was filled with huge risks that could have crashed and burned, but didn’t,” added Gunn. “I applaud that level of risk taking because it says something about the designer’s commitment to their work as opposed to pleasing an audience. I love Kara Saun’s work, but her collection was safe. It was what we expected of her.”

Manolo says, this it is pretty much exactly what the Manolo felt about the Jay and the Kara. At the first the Manolo he did not think the Jay was all that, but then, as the show it went on, it became apparent that the Jay he was indeed all that.

In any of the events, you must read this article, if only to see the two things. The first, to learn of the incredible chintzy-cheapness of the Banana Republic, and the second to see the graceful manner in which the Tim he has responded to this cheapness, and to his new founded celebrity.

Manolo says, the Tim Gunn, he is the epitome of what the Manolo he considers grace, and dignity, and polite behavior.

More of the Project Runway

Manolo says, here is the article from the Boston Globe about the ending of the Project Runway.

There was fashion, too, of course. Last night, as well as during the entire season, we got to see exactly how complicated the business and the art of clothes designing truly is. The show was both a confirmation of our worst prejudices about models and design divas, and a revelation of just how much imagination and skill must go into building and showing the most original fashion lines.

Manolo says, this it is exactly right.

So few peoples do they properly understand the difficulty of the designing the the beautiful things. This, of the course, explains why the Manolo he believes the she is the genius, and why the Manolo he is quick to ridicule the celebrities who believe they are the equal to the task of producing original and worth-the-wearing items.

Here is more about the Jay, and about the Manolo’s new hero, the Tim Gunn

And originality was Jay’s trump card, as the judges recognized that fact that his style emanates out of his zany personality, and not from what has already made it into the glossy magazines. His models, many of them wearing headphones, were unique as they walked the runway wearing his passionate, distinctive line. When he was anointed the winner, the talky Jay was overwhelmed and, finally, rendered speechless. As with most reality shows, it’s future seasons are bound to be less exciting.

The finale also featured a few of the “Project Runway” camp trademarks. Fashion director Tim Gunn was on hand to visit the finalists’ homes and mention how “terrific” they are. The image of Gunn, so poised and tasteful, standing next to Jay’s father’s concrete-septic-tank company in small-town Pennsylvania was priceless.

Manolo says, the Manolo he loves the Tim Gunn. Not only is he the handsome, talented, and tasteful, but he is without the doubt the nicest man in the world. He is, as the southern friends of the Manolo would say, as sweet as the sugar pie.

Project Runway: Hooray for the Jay

Manolo says, the Manolo he has few comments about the grande finale of the this evening.

The Wendy. Eehh. Yes, she was nasty, and yes, she was partially redeemed this week. But ultimately, who really cares? She is, as the Micheal Kors says, the very talented tailor. And that is the extent of her abilities as the designer.

The Kara Saun. By the end of the next to last of the episodes, the Kara Saun she had begun to annoy the Manolo. This trend it reached the apogee tonight, and the Manolo he began to actively dislike the Kara Saun. But worse than her irritating qualities, however, was that the stated inspiration for her clothes–the movie the Aviator–it was trite, and more than a little silly. Of the course, this justification it was no accident. The Kara Saun she is the Hollywood costume designer, and so she has designed a collection of costumey clothes for the movie that has already been made.

The Jay Hooray for the Jay! Two weeks ago, the he praised the work of the Jay as “thoughtful and original”, and this judgement it was reaffirmed again this evening. Again, the clothes they were not all to the taste of the Manolo (although he did enjoy two or three of the pieces, especially the final dress), but the entire collection it was the work of a singular, intelligent, if untrained vision. Who knows if this it will translate into the long term success.

The Shoes As the Manolo he could have told you, and as the Kara Saun she knows, the shoes they are so very important. As the Micheal Kors said, the accessories they can make or break the show (and the look). Of the course, if you are the regular reader of the Manolo this it is not the big news. It is to the credit of the Kara Saun that she knew this. It is not to the credit of the Kara Saun that she tried to cheat.

Finally, and unusually for the reality television, the nicest and the most talented person came out the winner. How often does this happen?

The T-Shirts of the Project Runway

Wendy, What Are You Doing With Those Scissors?

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyyy! This picture of the Wendy on the T-shirt it makes the Manolo want to grab his privates and run away!

Before that, however, here is the link to the t-shirts and the designs of the Project Runway.

The Project Runway

Manolo says, if like the Manolo you are obsessed with the Project Runway, than perhaps you would like to visit the links of the websites of the three finalists, the Jay, the Wendy, and the Kara Saun.

Manolo his favorite contestant it is the Jay, who makes the Manolo laugh with his sassy/bitchy wit, and whose dresses, although not always to the Manolo’s liking, are both original and thoughtful.

As for the Kara, the Manolo he loves her work, she is the true professional, and except for the crazy pants for the Grammy, her designs they are always good. (Although, the Manolo he will admit that it was the pleasure of the guilty to watch the chaotic evil Wendy get under the skin of the Kara Saun in the latest of the episodes.)

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. What is there to say, but that she has some talent, but that her conniving/needy/tough/weepy personality it has the Manolo wondering if the therapy of the hormone replacement, it is not needed. Trust the Manolo, you would not want to work in the same office as this woman.

And then there was the Austin. The Manolo he loves the Austin. He is the beautiful, scrawny, flaming creature, who wears the costume of the Post Office better than any of the not-so-super models. Has not anyone but than the Manolo noticed the striking resemblence (certainly intentional) between the Austin and the young Yves Saint Laurent?

However, as the designer, the Austin, he the pony of the one trick. Yes it is the very good trick, but he keeps doing it again and again, even when it is not the right trick for the moment. And, the worse, the one time he does not do the trick, during the challange of the wedding dresses, it is the debacle so bad that the producers they must step in to save him from the elimination.

Manolo says, this show of the television, it is the addicitve pleasure, one that the Manolo he will miss when it ends.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend at the Bradford Shellhammer for the links to the websites.