Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I’ve bitten the bullet and left academia and gone back to my true love—baking. I am opening a small bakery and I need to some comfortable, yet stylish shoes that have non-slip soles, can bear being covered in butter and sugar, but would still look good when I help in the front.


The Manolo says, of the course, there are those who believe that one would be foolish to give up the golden perks of academia, such as the pleasures of frequently reading the papers in which the word “hermeneutics” appears twice in the first sentence, once juxtaposed next to the phrase “Gilligan’s Island”.

What? No more faculty meetings in which the professor of Marxist marketing comes to blows with the elderly Emily Bronte scholar over the matter of parking spaces?

Just cupcakes with sprinkles and beautiful pastel frosting, happy children buying the sweet treats, and giant tubs of chocolate fondant in the back room.

Here is the colorful and practical Minie from the Camper. Yes, it is the slightly goofy shoe, but it is also the joyful shoe, one that would give you much pleasure as you fulfill this noble dream.

Minie-20264  from Camper   Manolo Likes!  Click!Minie-20264  from Camper   Manolo Likes! Click!

Where is the Five?

CAMPER - Women's 29895 Twins    Manolo thinks they are ridiculous!
CAMPER - Women's 29895 Twins    Manolo thinks they are ridiculous!

Manolo says, adding the whimsical numbers to the ugly shoes does not make them pretty.


From the Archives of the Manolo: The Camper

Manolo says, recently the Manolo he has received several of the emails like the following from his internet friends:

What does the Manolo think of the Camper shoes? For men and women. Their new collection is out today.

This question it is one that the Manolo he has answered in the past.

*****From the Archives of the Manolo*****

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

I am very curious about what the manolo thinks of the camper shoes for a casual, urban-y shoe. of my friends, most would not wear, but i believe the twin line is supercute and comfty for hanging out daily. Which do you think are the most superfantastic or is the entire line too weird for the wear?

Manolo says, Manolo cannot help it, but the shoes of the Camper always make the Manolo think of the Larry David. But unlike the Larry David, the Manolo, he thinks that the Campers they are not all that.

The trouble with the shoes of the Camper is that they were the very trendy shoes for whom the moment it has passed.

In the opinion of the Manolo, the better choice, but in the vein of the similarness, are the shoes of the John Fluevog, although Manolo suspects that the same thing–the style which will not outlive the moment of the trend–will happen to the Fluevog in the time of three or four of the years.

The exceptions to this, they are the shoes of the Camper and the Fluevog which are modeled on shoes of the past.

For the example, this Camper shoe for the mens, the 1910, it is one of the few of the Camper shoes of which the Manolo approves.
Camper - 1910 - 34993 (Tan) - Men's   Manolo Likes!  Click!
As you can see, this shoe it is based on an honest stout-hearted men’s shoe of the past, and because of this it is quite good.

Manolo says, the trick to fashion is to buy the things which are very current, yet have the feel of the timelessness. This is why the things that are gimmicky, they do not last.


Manolo says, so to summarize, with the shoes of the Camper the Manolo he is all, meh, the boat of the Manolo they do not float.